Alumni Update: Dee Davis

It's been an eventful year for Dee Davis. After graduating from Vanderbilt as the all-time leader in assists, she was drafted by the Houston Comets. Released by the team mid-season, she has continued her professional basketball career overseas. She recently responded to some questions from VandyMania about how her life is going and her plans for the future.

VM: First, tell us where you are and how things are going for you and your team.

Dee: I am currently playing in Sarajevo Bosnia, it is Ex-Yugoslavia. Things have been great playing here, I have had the luxury of traveling to 8 different countries, playing against the best. I am getting a lot of exposure this way.

VM: What's it been like living in another culture? What's been the most difficult for you, and what has been the most pleasant surprise?

Dee: The adjustment of living in another country took a little getting use to, mainly because of the language barrier, the food, and not seeing anyone who "looked like" myself. It is not a racially diverse country, but I have managed. A lot of people have been really nice to me, helping me learn the language, and even wanting me to help them learn English. My team is really good for that, I always here "Dee how do you say this." They are always trying to pick my brain, and I too do the same in return. I have picked up a lot of the language, well more than they expected that I could. It is a very different experience, mainly because before graduating Vanderbilt, I had never been out of the country, and now I have been to 8 countries in 4 months. I think that is pretty neat. 

VM: What is your town like?

Dee: My town is about 400,000. Bosnia was involved in a war 10 years ago, so a lot still needs to be done. Some buildings I can still see where it was damaged from the war, that sometimes can be a little sad to see.

  VM: How does your coach (and team) handle the language barrier?

Dee: At first, I felt like the language barrier was going to be a huge hurdle. But, we all learn from one another, and I have been a sponge here. I want to know what they are saying, LOL. It isn't that bad anymore. During games, in the locker room, someone sits next to me and translates everything coach is saying. I get that a lot at times, because I am the only American, so he speaks to everyone in Bosnian. He does say a lot to me in English though. When I call plays out, I sometimes say it in their language, just for kicks.

VM: How important is the Internet in helping you stay in touch with your friends and family back home and around the world?

Dee: The internet is God sent!!! If there were no internet, I honestly believe things would be a lot different for me. I am able to stay in touch with friends and family without a problem. I have downloaded something that allows my family to see me as much as they like, and to also speak with me at no cost to either party. The internet helps me to stay connected to America, for my sanity. LOL. Although, there are problems with the internet at times, I really take advantage of the time I do get, believe me.

VM: What are your plans for the future?

And finally, my plans for the future... Simple, to be successful in all facets of life. I can honestly say, every goal that I set when growing up, I met and some even exceeded. I have a few more in mind now. I am coming back to the states in April to do another try-out with the WNBA, and also I am working tirelessly on opening my own sports complex in Nashville. This facility will be used for a lot of different things, and I am very excited about it. Derrick Byars also is one of my partners on this business venture. I just finished my business plan, and have contacted several people. My main dilemma is finding funding. It takes money to get this business off the ground, and I am hoping to have some supporters of myself and Derrick to assist in the process. I have always wanted my own gym, and I am 100% committed to making it happen. I would love the help of my Vanderbilt Women's and Men's Basketball supporters or anybody for that matter. This facility can be a huge asset to the Nashville community. There are a lot of positives that come along with this gym, and I want to make it happen really soon. Please let me know if anyone is interested in seeing my business plan, or wants to talk to me to get more details. I would love everyone's assistance.

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