'09 LB Interested in Vanderbilt

John Tinkham has been receiving stacks of mail from several top programs throughout the country. The class of ‘09 LB has been finding quite a few letters from Vanderbilt in his stash. Despite not knowing a great deal about the program, Tinkham has taken a strong liking to them as well. Read inside to see what the prep star from Illinois has to say about Vandy early on.

VandyMania.com touched bases with the star linebacker, John Tinkham, to see how his recruitment has been shaping. "It's been going pretty good so far," the 6-1, 200 pound linebacker said in regards to his early recruitment. "I've been getting a bunch of letters from a lot of schools lately."

Of the letters that have been delivered to Tinkham's mailbox, quite a few of them have been coming from that state of Tennessee. Nashville, Tennessee to be exact… "Vanderbilt has been sending me a bunch of mail," Tinkham said. "They've been basically sending me a bunch of updates about their football program."

Tinkham admitted to VandyMania.com that he doesn't know a great deal about the program. However, he has recently been paying close attention to the team, and is trying to learn more and more about the program each day. "I really don't much about them to tell you the truth," Tinkham said. "I just know that they are a part of the SEC, and that they have a really good program. I am not really sure about all of the specifics."

The fact that Tinkham knows very little about Vandy could all change fairly soon.

In an effort to learn more about the program, he intends to pay the Commodores a visit sometime in the near future…"I've been definitely thinking about visiting Vanderbilt," Tinkham said. "I've been thinking about maybe going there over the summer for a camp or something."

John does not claim a favorite as of date. However, he did admit that Vanderbilt is in the running for his services. "As far as having a top choice right now, I am not really sure," Tinkham said. "But I would say that Vanderbilt is definitely up there near the top."

John's recruitment is still in the developing stages, but he has been enjoying the process thus far. However he is still looking for that first scholarship offer to show up in his mailbox. Will the Commodores be the first program to offer the star linebacker? We will certainly keep you posted.

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