Texas Prep Star Likes Vandy

The Vanderbilt Coaching Staff has been keeping a close eye on Strake Jesuit standout, Wes Williams. Nevertheless, the 6-3, 210 pound DE/TE has been gazing at the Commodores himself. VandyMania.com recently spoke with the Lone State Star prospect to get the very latest in regards to his recruitment. Read inside to see what Williams has to say about the Commodores early on.

Wes Williams has been attracting interest from several major programs throughout the country, and the Commodores have been right there in the mix. However, it appears as if he has taken an early liking to them as well… "I have a lot of interest in Vanderbilt right now," Williams said. "They have great academics, and at the same time they are a really solid school in the SEC."

Williams likes the idea of competing in what many consider the toughest conference in college football. With that being said, 6-3, 210 pound DE/TE truly feel he's capable of competing on this level, especially after checking them out on the tube… "I caught a couple of their games on television last year," Williams said. "From what I have seen, I really like the type of offense they run. I really think it's the type of offense that I could fit well into."

Williams does not have any immediate plans set in stone, in regards to visits. But, he has been pondering over the idea of taking one out to Nashville this summer. "I will definitely be visiting a couple of schools over the summer," Williams said. "I am quite sure Vanderbilt will be one of the schools I visit."

Wes is currently playing basketball for his high school. Despite spending a lot of time on the hardwood, he has also been dedicating his time to winter (football) workouts. He has been doing everything in his power to prepare for a successful senior season. "I've been doing a little bit of double duty," Williams said. "I've been training for football in the morning and doing the basketball thing after school. Whenever basketball season ends, I think I am going to start doing a program called PLEX. This program will make me bigger, faster, and a lot stronger. A lot of college athletes are using this program."

Although Wes appears quite fond of the Commodores early on, he is very open with his recruitment. He has been enjoying the process thus far, and is waiting for that big day; the day when his recruitment takes top flight. But for now he will continue to take things one day at a time and proceed to the next step when the feeling of certainty strikes.

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