Pete's Pigskin Prognostications- WK 10

I've gotta stop believing in the big orange hype. But who knew that Clausen wouldn't be able to put any zip on the ball, or "The Future" would be out with a lingering concussion. (I notice it didn't affect his mouth any.) Oh well, it's one pick I'm happy to be wrong with. This week is going to be difficult for the fortune telling business. Two blowouts and four games that could go either way.

Last Week 3-2: Season 55-12 

As the season wears on and injuries, disclosed and undisclosed, mount up, it's hard to tell, literally, what team is going to show up. I figure by chance alone I should go 4-2.

Saying of the week: "For practice, God made the fool. Then He made the school board."—Mark Twain 

As usual, I'm just picking winners, the spreads are included for your edification. (Home team Bold type.) 

Auburn (-2.5) vs. Ole Miss – Both teams have played horribly this year, and both teams have had good games. Ole Miss appears, however to be reeling and on the ropes. The Rebels are at home, but that won't be enough of an equalizer. Auburn 21-19.  

Arkansas (-23) vs. Troy State – Troy State played Mississippi State to an 11-8 score. The won't be so lucky against the Razorbacks. Pigs by 27. 

Kentucky (-4) vs. Mississippi State – Kentucky should be favored by more than four points. The betting public must think their last half against Georgia is typical, but the first half last week is more representative. Kentucky 24-10. 

Tennessee (-2) vs. South Carolina – I just can't figure the Vawls out. They'd be a good team if they could stop shooting themselves in the foot. I figure they won't be able to reload fast enough to keep the Gamecocks in the game. UTK 21-17. 

Georgia (-2.5) vs. Florida (Jacksonville) – Momentum. Georgia's got it. Florida's got it not. Georgia by 10. 

Alabama (-21.5) vs. Vanderbilt – If I were ever tempted to bet on a game, this is the one. VU's option will go nowhere (Alabama's defense sees the option plenty in practice). VU's defense, already suspect, is faced with a competent passer and a dominating runner playing behind a superior offensive line. Alabama 56 – 7. 


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