10 reasons to wear white tonight

Sure it's one of the colors of the evil team from the east. However, here are 10 reasons Vandy fans should where white tonight.

10) White is a cool color. If there is a heat wave on Tuesday, you'll be one cool Commodore fan.

9) White isn't orange! It isn't used for hunting, construction crews and convicts.

8) In old western movies White is the color of the good guys, which Vandy is and UT isn't.

7) More shades of white are available commercially than any other color.

6) White has always been the color of righteousness and goodness, which applies more to Vanderbilt and less to Tennessee.

5) Everyone loves a white Christmas. It'll look like Christmas in February at Memorial.

4) White is the color used in the title of Billy Idol's hit song, "White Wedding".

3) White is one of the colors of our nation's flag. It's patriotic to wear white.

2) The Vanderbilt team will all be wearing white tonight.

1) The Commodore team has asked fans to wear white. While you may not think it's the best color to wear, we all should agree to support the team and back them up in every way. It won't kill you to wear white and show your support. You can wear your normal black and gold next time. Remember, unity and teamwork lead to victory. Fans are a part of the team. You can do your part tonight by wearing white.

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