Arthur Williams likes The Commodores

Although it is early in the recruiting process class of 2009 wide receiver Arthur Williams knows what he likes about the Commodores. Williams a very talented wide receiver from Smiths, Alabama and is very interested in Vanderbilt. Williams told VandyMania reporter Chris Layton that he does not have his first official offer.

Arthur is ahead of the game as far as recruiting is concerned as he already has a good idea on a major. Williams values the academics of the colleges that are currently recruiting him. Williams explained what he wants in his college choice by saying, "I'm looking for my major (computer technologies) and an athletic opportunity."

The Commodores could use a player like Arthur Williams in this recruiting class. Arthur identified the strengths of his playing abilities by saying, "Speed, Quickness, and route running abilities."

Like many class of 2009 prospects Arthur has been invited to many camps and combines. He plans to attend junior days at Alabama and Auburn. He plans to attend camps at Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and South Carolina over the summer.

Arthur and his father both spoke highly of Vanderbilt and the Commodore community. The family had an opportunity to visit the campus and came away very impressed. Arthur explained his impressions of Vanderbilt by saying, "It was a great campus with real friendly people. It was a beautiful campus with a great athletic program."

As of now Vanderbilt is very much in the race for Arthur and his services. He plans to attend Vanderbilt's camp this summer and says they are definitely in consideration. He is a quality receiver prospect for the Commodores in the class of 2009. He We will stay in touch with him throughout the process in order to get you the most up to date information. Top Stories