In-state Wideout Likes Vandy

Corey Jordan has been enjoying the recruiting process thus far. But, there is one particular program that he would like to hear from a little more often: the Vanderbilt Commodores. Corey recently spoke with in regards to how things have been progressing on the recruiting front. Come inside for the very latest concerning the Hillsboro High standout.

"Things have been going pretty good," the 6-1, 195 pound wide receiver said, in regards to this early recruitment. "I've been filling out a lot of questionnaires lately; things like that. So, things are starting to pick up a little bit."

When asked about which programs have been expressing interest in him, Corey rattled of a long list of schools. However at the same time, he mentioned the programs that he has interest in. One of the programs he named was Vanderbilt.

"I think Vandy is a great school academically/athletically," Corey said. "On top of that, I think they have a beautiful campus. I don't have a short list right now, but if I did, Vandy would definitely be up there pretty high on my list."

Corey informed that he doesn't live very far from the campus, and that he has checked it out quite a few times. In fact, he's actually had a chance to take in a game or two... "I've been to a few of their football games," Corey said. "The atmosphere was really great out there. There was a lot of black and gold (laughing)… It was definitely a good experience out there."

Like most athletes, Corey has a desire to play college football at the highest level possible. With that being said, he has put together a list of things he would like to work on in order to make himself a little more marketable. "Right now I need to improve on my quickness and my agility to move from side to side," he said. "I have good speed, but I want to learn how to get my hips more loose. Instead of outrunning people, I want to be able to make people miss. I've been working really hard to improve in those areas."

Corey is uncertain about where he will be camping this summer. However, he has been toying around with the idea of camping with the Commodores. Should he decide to do so, the in-state prospect doesn't expect to come home empty-handed, if you know what I mean.

Corey does not claim a favorite at this moment, but you can rest assure that Vandy is somewhere in the mix. We will keep you posted on the latest recruiting news regarding wide receiver Corey Jordan. Stay tuned for more as we approach the upcoming camp season. Top Stories