Tinsley names four finalists

Brad Tinsley was in Nashville, Tenn. last weekend checking on coach Stallings and company. After seeing things out up close and personal, one question arises, what are the chances of him becoming a Commodore? Read inside to see if the Commodores still have a legitimate shot at the 4-star prospect…

Brad Tinsley and his parents took a trip out to Nashville last weekend to get a closer look at Vanderbilt University. Although things were a little hectic en route, they were determined that nothing was going to stop them from reaching their destination. Brad's father gave VandyMania.com a brief synopsis of the Tinsley's intricate journey to the east coast…

"Brad actually had a baseball game on Friday night. So, as soon as the game was over, we went to the airport. We were delayed for about three hours. We missed our connection in Chicago, but we still got in there. We got about 1 hour of sleep. We were so late getting there (Nashville) that we couldn't go to the Pancake Pantry (laughing)…"

In spite of all the trouble it took for Brad and his family to make it out to Nashville, it seemed as of everything panned out for the Oregon City High standout. "It was awesome," Tinsley said of his visit to Vanderbilt. "All the guys were great, and the coaching staff was too. I think they're all great guys. They really made me feel comfortable there."

Brad told VandyMania.com that he didn't have a main host while he was on his visit. However, he was able to tag along with one of the Commodore's finest. "I pretty much hung out with A.J. (Ogilvy) a lot," Tinsley said. "He mainly showed me around the place. I got to see the dorms and the athletic facilities. I really love their arena. I love how the court is above everything. It was sweet."

Although Tinsley was quite fascinated with the facilities at Vanderbilt, there was one particular thing that stood out to the Oregon native while he was on campus. "I got to play a little bit of ball with the guys," Tinsley said. "That was a lot of fun. Getting out there and playing with the guys gave me a chance to see how I would fit in with them. It definitely answered a lot of my questions."

After a fruitful trip to Vanderbilt, the 6-3, 190 pound guard told VandyMania.com that the Commodores have definitely solidified a spot amongst his favorites. "I used to have a top seven," Tinsley said. "Now it's more like a top four. I got Vandy, Wake Forest, Oregon and Arizona State as my favorites."

Tinsley has one more visit scheduled, and from there he will make his final decision. "I'll be visiting Wake Forest next weekend," he said. "I am looking to make my decision about a week or two after my visit to Wake."

Tinsley still has a little more time before he makes his decision. And with that being said, what exactly is he looking for in a program? "My decision is going to be based on how comfortable I feel with the coaching staff and the players," he said. "The team's style of play is also going to play a huge part in my decision as well."

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