Vanderbilt vs Reebok Lady Stars Photos

Below are photos of Vanderbilt's 87-54 win over the Reebok Lady Stars.

Vandy 87, Reebok Lady Stars 54

Exhibition Game November 10, 2002

Photos by Micah Miller for VandyMania.
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Jenni Benningfield had already scored 6 points in the first three minutes of the game, but was fouled going up for this shot.

After Ashley McElhiney picked up two fouls with 13:29 left in the first half, freshman Erica Grimaldi (#11) took over at the point for the remainder of the half.

With Chantelle Anderson and Ashley McElhiney on the and Reebok threatening, the question was "Who will score?" Abi Ramsey answered by hitting a three.

Vandy didn't capitalize on her first steal, but on her second, Tia Battle got the steal then went coast-to-coast to put Vandy up 28-21.

Looks like Mr. Commodore was playing a trick on the refs but this VandyMania reporter was out of position and thus cannot tell you what was on the sign. Check the Women's Hoops message board for further details.

After the Reebok bench was slapped with a T, Ashley McElhiney hit both of the resulting free throws.

Jenni Benningfield fed the post, and freshman Nicole Jules rewarded her with an assist by finishing the layup to put Vandy ahead 55-40.

Ho hum. Tia Battle finished on another fast break.

Tia Battle got her 4th steal of the day, but this time handed off to Erica Grimaldi, who took it coast to coast.

Redshirt sophomore Jutta Korkko missed on this shot, but had four rebounds and two steals in the last four minutes of the game.

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