Cody Getz has interest from Vandy, Air Force

Cody Getz may not be the biggest running back from a physical standpoint, but his play on the field certainly comes up big. recently had the privilege to speak with the Buford High product. Come inside to learn more about the elite prospect from the state of Georgia. conducted an exclusive one-on-one interview with RB Cody Getz. We started off the interview by asking the '09 prospect about his junior campaign on the gridiron… 

SM: Cody, tell me a little bit about your numbers on the field from last fall. 

CG: I had around 1350 All-purpose yards, and I think I had about 10 touchdowns or so  

SM: What was your biggest game from a season ago? 

CG: It was probably when we went up to Ohio for the Kirk Herbstreit Classic. I think that was probably my best game. I had 2 touchdowns that game, and about 200 all-purpose yards. 

SM: Tell me about your strengths on the field as an athlete. 

CG: My strengths are my speed, my quickness, my elusiveness, and my vision. Sometimes a lot of people mistake my size thinking that I'm easy to tackle, but I have really good power for my size.  

SM: Are there any weaknesses that you'd like to improve on? 

CG: Yes sir, everybody has weaknesses. I'd like to improve in all areas… My size is probably considered as my biggest weakness to others, but I don't really see it as that. 

SM: Cody let's talk recruiting a little bit… How are things going for you on that end? 

CG: Things are going pretty good right now. I've just been getting a lot of letters from several different schools. 

SM: With the Evaluation Period into full swing, have you had any visitors at your school? 

CG: Yes sir. Air Force and Wofford came by this week during spring practice. Actually one of the coaches from Vanderbilt came by the school too, but I missed that day of school. My coach said he's coming back down one day this year to see me play though. 

SM: Was that your first time hearing from Vandy? 

CG: No, sir. Earlier this year they sent me a few letters. I also received a note from the coach; stuff like that. I sent my information back to them, and I guess I've been on their list to recruit since then.  

SM: What position(s) are they recruiting you for? 

CG: I really don't know. My coach said that wherever I go, I'd probably do returns (special teams); stuff like that. But they really haven't said. 

SM: How familiar are you with their program? 

CG: I'm somewhat familiar with them. I've watched them on TV quite few times. I know they play in the SEC, and that's good enough for me… 

SM: Are you planning on visiting them anytime soon? 

CG: I'm not sure. I'm going to talk to my coach and see how interested they are in me. I would really like to go and visit their campus. I might be attending their camp, because they've been sending me some stuff about it. 

SM: Speaking of camps/combines, have you attended any recently? 

CG: Yes sir. Actually a little over two weeks ago, I attended the UNC Nike Camp. I got the MVP award for the runningbacks.  

SM: Do you plan to attend any other camps in the near future? 

CG: My parents and I haven't really sat down and talked about it, but I'm definitely going to 2 or 3 this summer. My team is going to the Georgia Passing Camp, the GT camp, and the one in Furman. Top Stories