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Like an idiot, I picked two upsets last week, Kentucky and South Carolina. Both lost. But I'm just a minor fool, compared to the Kentucky fans and players. Well, back to the drawing boards. Let's see what the crystal ball can come up with this week.

Saying of the week:  "History is bunk." – Henry Ford

As usual, I'm just picking winners, the spreads are included for your edification.  (Home team Bold type.)

Florida (-15) vs. South Carolina – Grossman didn't look like a world-beater against Vandy last week, and he won't need to look like one against South Carolina, either.  Florida by 10.

 Arkansas (-33) vs. La.-Layfayette – (Yawn) Pigs by a bunch.

Georgia (-2) vs. Auburn  Georgia is playing for the East title.  Auburn is at home.  Desire and motivation beats sleeping in your own bed.  Georgia by 7.

Alabama (-2) vs. LSU -  LSU has been pretty much of a mystery this year, but I think they'll need another miracle to beat Alabama.  Tide by 14.

UTK (NL) vs. MSU   Who knows which UTK team will show up?  Literally, they have so many wounded and confused players, anybody could start a play, seemingly at any position.  UTK allowed Miami to cross the goal line only twice.  MSU won't have that many.  UTK 20-10.

Kentucky (-16) vs. Vanderbilt -  VU played pretty well last week, but they haven't put two consecutive weeks together yet.  The only question is the morale and motivation of UK after last week's debacle.  I believe VU defenders will bounce off the battleship Lorenzen like 6-inch shells off the Bismark.  UK 31, VU 17.    

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