Facilities Upgrades: June 22, 2008

Last month, Vanderbilt announced plans for a multi-million dollar upgrade of athletics facilities. On Saturday morning, Whitney D took at look at how the work is progressing and shares these photos

The first phase of the multi-year plan includes enhancements to the facade of Dudley Field and the expansion of seating at Hawkins Field. Work began in May, and some of the changes are already apparent.

Starting at Memorial Gym and walking south down 25th Avenue, the first thing you notice is that the temporary bleachers at Hawkins Field have been removed to make way for the permanent bleachers that will be added. The main scoreboard will be moved to behind the left field fence.

Traffic lights and "Walk/Don't Walk" signals aren't yet functional, but they've been added to the corner of Jess Neeley Blvd. and 25th Avenue and look like they'll be ready for the start of football season.

Although work has started at Hawkins Field, this weekend the Hawk was the site of a tournament for 18U traveling teams.

One of the most visible changes at Dudley Field is the addition of a brick facade that will continue the style of Hawkins Field down Jess Neely. The brick hasn't yet been added to the new ticket booth next to Gate 3, but it will be in place before football season begins.

The smell of fresh paint and a peek through Gate 3 into the concourse that runs along the third base side of Hawkins Field shows that the concourse is getting a face lift.

Looking west along Jess Neeley, more signs of the new facade can be seen.

The changes in the facade will also change the appearance of the tunnel entrance into Dudley Field at the end of the Star Walk

It looks like the brick work on the new facade will begin soon.

The painting on the outside of the stadium along Natchez Trace is almost completed.

The Vanderbilt logo hasn't been added yet, but the western side of the stadium has already taken on a new look.

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Photos copyright 2008 by Whitney D for VandyMania.com

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