In May, Vanderbilt announced plans for a multi-million dollar upgrade of athletics facilities. Late Friday afternoon, Whitney D decided it was time to take another look at the progress and shares these photos.

The new traffic lights at the corner of 25th Avenue and Jess Neely Drive are now operational. However, on Friday afternoon, they were blinking red to signify a four-way stop, so there isn't yet any difference in the traffic flow.

Behind the center field fence at Hawkins Field, the old parking lot is cleared in preparation for putting in the new bleachers.

Here's a closer look at the recently poured concrete in the holes seen behind the fence in the photograph above.

Speaking of Hawkins Field, one of the goals of the work at the football stadium is to extend the motif of the brick of Hawkins Field to Dudley Field. One of the elements that's being repeated in the work on the football stadium are the arches shown in this photo.

This is the view from the entrance of Hawkins Field, looking past Gate 3.

An example of the arches in the design can be seen on the new ticket booth next to Gate 3.

Looking through the chain link fence at Gate 3, it's obvious that something is going on in the concourse that runs between the east side of the football stadium and the third base line of Hawkins Field. But exactly what's happening isn't clear yet.

Along Jess Neely Drive. the entire length of the stadium is wrapped in chainlink fencing.

The most dramatic changes at the moment are at the entrance to the tunnel at the end of the Star Walk from McGugin. The old concrete and cinder block surfaces are being covered by brick.

The brickwork on the outsides of the wings leading into the tunnel is underway.

The inner sides of the tunnel wings also now show brick, rather than concrete.

The brick facade extends down Jess Neely drive past the tunnel on towards Natchez Trace.

This photo, taken from the parking lot of the Holiday Inn on West End (home of the Commodores Sports Bar and Grill), shows the newly painted west side of the stadium. The announced plans include the addition of the name "Vanderbilt" and the new Vanderbilt logos on the towers on either side, but they haven't yet appeared.

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Photos copyright 2008 by Whitney D for VandyMania.com

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