Pete's Pigskin Prognostications- Week 13

Normalcy returns to the world, and thanks to the gutless referees who wouldn't call offensive pass interference in the last 1:25, the prognosticator went 6-0 last week. This week should not provide many challenges, as the bloom is off the rose for a lot of the traditional season-ending rivalries.

Last Week 6-0: Season 71-15 

Saying of the week: "Fools rush in and get the best seats." 

As usual, I'm just picking winners, the spreads are included for your edification. (Home team Bold type.) 

Arkansas (-12) vs. Mississippi State – Gets my vote for most boring game of the week. Only fans of both teams care about this one. Arkansas by 20. 

Alabama (-10) vs. Auburn – The Iron Bowl is a little rusty this year. Auburn left it all on the field against Georgia last week, and will have trouble rebounding, even against the hated Tide. ‘Bama by 14. 

Clemson (-4.5) vs. South Carolina – South Carolina will be happy this season's over with. Clemson 21, SC 7. 

LSU (-10) vs. Mississippi – LSU will wrap up a trip to the Georgia Dome with a win over Mississippi. Ole Miss cannot survive solely on the arm of Eli Manning. LSU by 20. 

Vanderbilt (NL) vs. UTK – The Clinic Bowl games (Division II High School Championships) are played this weekend, but the real Clinic Bowl is going to be in Felony Stadium on Saturday. This game has more walking wounded than the Double Natural. Vandy's defense has been viagra for SEC running backs, and should make Cedric Houston look like the second coming of Herschel Walker. UTK 31 VU10. Top Stories