Everybody's undefeated. Hope springs eternal, and rose-colored glasses are in abundance. We'll know more about how all of the off-season machinations have turned out in a few weeks, but for now, it's time for football in the Southeast.

Week 1
(0-0 last week; 0-0 overall)

First, the season-starting cupcakes, compass points and suspension games:

Western Illinois @ Arkansas – Although they lost a lot of talent from last year, no trouble for the Hogs in this one. Arkansas by 25.

Louisiana-Monroe @ Auburn – Even less trouble for the Plainsmen. Auburn by 42.

Hawaii @ Florida – Lots of losses on the Rainbow Warrior's team means trouble. Florida by 43.

Georgia Southern @ Georgia – A compass-point win in the suspension game for the Dawgs. Georgia by 38.

And now for the interesting games…….

Appalachian State @ LSU - Interesting only because of what the Apps did last year. Can the Mountaineers do it again and pull off a monumental upset like last year? Not likely. LSU by 28.

Clemson vs. Alabama (Georgia Dome)– The 3 million dollar man seems to be making a lot of improvements in Tide football, but Clemson is too much, too soon. Clemson by 3..

Kentucky @ Louisville (August 31) – The Kentucky trend is upwards. The Louisville trend is downwards. The Cardinals are favored in this one, but I don't see it. Mildcats by 5.

Memphis @ Mississippi – Memphis has been Ole Miss's whipping boy since forever. Not gonna change this year. Mississippi by 18.

Louisiana Tech @ Mississippi State – La Tech is still trying to win in the SEC. Mississippi State may have turned the corner, though. Mississippi State by 14.

NC State @ South Carolina – The Evil Genius and his son are more than enough to handle NC State. (Should we rename him Dr. Evil?) SC by 24.

Tennessee @ UCLA ( Sept 1.) – The Great Pumpkin managed to keep most of the team out of jail in the off-season, and he's going to need everyone he can get. The odds makers have Tennessee a favorite in this one, but UTK has a lot of questions that need to be answered. I'll go with the Big O here. It's a win-win situation for me. If they win, well, I picked ‘em. If the lose, I'm happy too. UTK by 4.

Vanderbilt @ Miami (O) (August 28) – Vandy's defense, by all accounts, is going to be the highlight of the team. Unfortunately, you have to score to win, and the quarterback draw is not going to get it done. That leaves the kicking game, which has been, for Coach BJ's tenure, the coaching equivalent of the red-headed stepchild; totally ignored. A great defense along with great special teams can win games. A great defense along with a horrible special teams performance means losses like 17-0 and 10-6 (missed the XP again!) Miami by 6.

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