Mike and Jay's College Picks

There are some big games this weekend in the Southeastern Conference. Mike and Jay give you the scoop on who will be picking up the Ws.

JW: With all the pressure and hype surrounding him (and he's only a junior? geez...), do you think Tim Tebow has a shot at pulling off the Heisman repeat, or is there just too much other talent to contend with?

MO: Well, he's got to do better than he did last week (137 yds passing, 1 TD, 37 rushing), but I'm looking for him to have a big game against Miami this week, especially since he'll probably get to play the whole game. The injury to Ohio State's Beanie Wells certainly didn't hurt Tebow's chances, but he'll have to keep an eye out for Missouri QB Chase Daniel (323 yds, 3 TD last week). There's a dark horse in Navy's Shun White, who's on pace for **4,176 yards rushing** this season!! That's thanks to a 348 yd performance last week against CAA conference team Towson, who apparently forgot thought they could only play with 7 people on defense last week. Overall, though, I think Tebow has the inside track, especially since he'll find himself in a lot of high-profile games, and he's got to be the current favorite to repeat as Heisman.

JW: We all know the SEC has some beasts (as usual), but which SEC team do you think will be the biggest disappointment this year?

MO: Well, looks like Mississippi St. so far after their loss to Louisiana Tech, but let me try to do you one better. Alabama had easily the biggest win last week – huge stage, national spotlight, large margin of victory, and all against a Top-10 opponent. They're being lauded by the experts and put on the covers of national magazines, all of which they deserve. Let me ask you, though – if this team now doesn't win 10 games before going to a bowl, don't you think the folks in Tuscaloosa will be scratching their heads trying to figure out what happened? I say they will, and when Alabama finishes up 7-5 and out of the SEC title picture, we'll get to see just how their fans will take it.

JW: Alright, so you picked LA Tech over the Bulldogs last week. I'll grudgingly give you some credit for that. With that game in mind, as well as the other upsets from last week, what game (past or future) of this season will end up being seen as the biggest App. State / Michigan - caliber upset when all is said and done?

MO: Well, Louisiana Tech was a big one last week as was Arkansas State going into College Station, and I'm not sure if any one game this year will be able to top either of those, but here are a few other bold predictions that probably go against popular opinion. USC will lose to two unranked opponents before the end of the season. Notre Dame, even with a better showing from Jimmy Clausen, will fail to make it to 6 wins yet again this season. There will be no teams from a non-BCS conference that makes it into a BCS bowl. And, finally, and probably least popular, there will be two and only two undefeated teams when it comes time to make the choice for the national title game, proving once again that the BCS works.

JW: A question I'm sure all our readers are just dying to get your insight into....which bowl game this season has the most ridiculous name?

MO: Let's go old school for a second. What football player in his right mind wanted to play in something called the Bluebonnet Bowl? Bluebonnets? Really?? But recently, it's all about sponsorships – that's why we have a Chik-Fil-A Bowl instead of a Peach Bowl, a Capitol One Bowl instead of a Tangerine/Citrus Bowl, but the most ridiculous name currently is easily the papajohns.com Bowl. I'm all for the Internet and high quality websites (thanks, Don!), but it's a little ridiculous to name an annual event after a website, especially since it's just a small part of the sponsor. That said, it doesn't hold a candle to the infamous and late sponsor name: Poulan Weed Eater Bowl. You stay classy, Independence Bowl.

JW: Finally, what's your take on the South Carolina game this week? Do the 'Dores have what it takes to pull the repeat, this time in the friendly confines of Vanderbilt Stadium?

MO: It's been a long time since we've had a big win at home, though we seem to have gotten our best wins on the road (See UT ‘05, Georgia ‘06, and South Carolina ‘07). The Dores simply must get a big game out of Nickson, and while a lot of people insist he has to get it done through the air, I disagree. First downs that he can pick up through the ground count just as much as the ones that come through the air, and if that's what South Carolina gives him, I say let him run all over the field. Their defense hasn't really been tested as NC State didn't give them that much of a fight, but I think they'll be tested this week. I loved what I saw from DJ Moore last week, and if last week's performance by their quarterbacks is any indication of what we'll see tonight, Moore and the rest of the secondary should have a fun four quarters. I like Vandy's chances, and I think tonight is they night they finally get that big home win over a ranked and much-bally-hooed opponent that they've needed for decades.

Southern Miss. @ Auburn

JW: Tigers by 14 MO: Tigers by 3

Central Michigan @ Georgia

JW: Georgia by 24 MO: Georgia by 31

Ole Miss @ Wake Forest

JW: Rebs by 7 MO: Sorry, Jay – Wake by 17

Norfolk St. @ Kentucky

JW: Wildcats by 17 MO: Kentucky by 27

Louisiana-Monroe @ Arkansas

JW: Arky by 10 MO: Hogs by 31

Tulane @ Alabama

JW: Bama by 20 MO: Bama by 13

SE Louisiana @ Mississippi St.

JW: Bulldogs by 9 MO: MSU by 23

Miami (FL) @ Florida

JW: Gators by 17 MO: Gators by 24

South Carolina @ Vanderbilt

JW: Commodores by 10! MO: ‘Dores by 13

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