WBB: Photo Day for Women's Basketball

With the basketball season just around the corner, the women's basketball team donned their uniforms for a photo shoot Wednesday afternoon. VandyMania's Whitney D was there and shares these photos.

While the football season is just getting underway, SIDs for women's basketball around the country are scurrying around to put the final touches on the annual media guides.

One of the big hurdles they face is finding a time when the schedules of 14 different players and several photographers mesh sufficiently to take team and individual photos for the media guide and various other purposes.

At Vanderbilt, that task was even more difficult this year because the new court surface in the main court of Memorial Gym is still under construction, which means that only the practice gym is available for use by both basketball teams.

So on Wednesday afternoon while individual workouts with the men's team were taking place on one side of the practice gym, the women's basketball team was using the other side for an impromptu photo studio.

In the past, the photo shoots have been divided up into different sessions. But this year, it was all packed into one very busy afternoon. Besides the individual "mug shots" for the media guide and the roster pages on vucommodores.com, there were also stations for shooting video for the jumbotron for in-game promotions and photos for other media and marketing purposes.

The session began as the players trickled into the gym after class, wearing their black road uniforms and carrying their dress clothes to change into later. Three stations were set up; one for mug shots, one for video, and on for miscellaneous photos.

Lauren Lueders

Hannah Tuomi gets ready for the video shoot

Lauren Lueders poses for a mug shot

Amy Malo

Tina Wirth

Jence Rhoads

Jence Rhoads

Jen Risper and Tina Wirth

Chanel Chisholm

Merideth Marsh

Amber Norton

Ashlee Bridge

Jessica Mooney

Team photo (Click photo to view a larger image)

After the official team photos were taken, the players changed from uniforms into street clothes, and the operation moved across the street to the green space next to the Student Life Center.

Tina Wirth snaps a photo of some teammates

Lauren Lueders

Jessica Mooney

Another team photo (Click photo to view a larger image)

Seniors: Tina Wirth, Jen Risper, Amy Malo

Juniors: Jessica Mooney, Merideth Marsh, Amber Norton,
Lauren Lueders, Ashlee Bridge

Sophomores: Rebecca Silinski, Chanel Chisholm,
Jence Rhoads, Hannah Tuomi

Freshmen: Tia Gibbs, Jordan Coleman

After the casual photos in street clothes, the players changed clothes again and headed directly over to the McGugin Center just in time for their regular workout with strength and conditioning Coach Tasha Weddle. The photographers tagged along and took photos as the players went through their workout.


Ashlee Bridge

Jence Rhodes

Jen Risper and Chanel Chisholm

Amy Malo

Merideth Marsh and Tasha Weddle

Lauren Lueders and Tasha Weddle

Finally, after the workouts over and the photographers got a rare peek into the training room, where trainer Michele Loftus to tend to any little aches and pains before they become big aches and pains.

* * * * * *

Photos copyright 2008 by Whitney D for VandyMania.com

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