College GameDay Rolls into Town

On Saturday, ESPN's College GameDay will be telecast from the Vanderbilt campus. On Thursday morning, crews began setting up the stage. Whitney D. has been watching the activity, shares these photos and will continue to add more as preparations continue. (Newest photos at the top; oldest at the bottom.)

Thursday 6 p.m.. As evening falls, the day's activities are coming to an end. From the driveway coming in from 18th Avenue, on the lefthand side, the stages for the "talent" are in place. On the rightside, is the modern-day gypsie camp of trucks that provide the support for the show, ranging from generators to a complete video-editing studio.

Thursday 3 p.m.. The main stage is set up. Chris, Lee, and Herb will sit facing the Commons, with fans behind in the area between the stage and the shrubs. All through the day, on-lookers stop by to see what's happening.

Thursday noon. Activity has stepped up. A hospitality tent is already set up, trucks are unloading supplies, and fences have been set up to mark the areas.

Thursday morning, 9 a.m. All still quiet at the Commons.

Wednesday evening, 6 p.m. Even though there isn't visible activity yet, a sign in the employee's parking shows that something's about to happen.

Wednesday afternoon, 3 p.m. No signs of action yet, just a typical Wednesday afternoon on campus. .

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