Pete Fox says Vanderbilt will lose to Mississippi State on Saturday. The Commodores had been underdogs in four of their five games this season but have won all of them. Is this the week the clock strikes midnight for Vanderbilt or is this the week Vandy ends the horrible streak of losing seasons?

Week 7
(4-1 last week; 41-7 overall)
The Geeks Shall Inherit the Turf....

Arkansas @ Auburn – Auburn might (MIGHT) be able to muster enough offense to beat the Razorbacks. For sure, the Pigs seem unlikely to be able to score on the Plainsmen. Could this be another 3-2 game? Nah, Auburn is better than that, and Arkansas is way worse. Auburn by 10.

LSU @ Florida – The bloom is off the rose for last year's Heisman winner. Florida need to find some offense fast, but seem unlikely to be able to against a very good LSU team LSU by 14.

Tennessee @ Georgia – And speaking of needing to find some offense, the Big Orange needs some in a big way. The Great Pumpkin says it's just "the little things" that are hurting the Vols performance. Here' a news flash, Phil – little things don't produce a 13-9 win against Northern Illinois. Georgia will turn those "little things" in mountains, and have the potential to do to the Vols what Alabama did to them. Georgia by 20.

South Carolina @ Kentucky – We still don't know how good Kentucky is but we know how bad the Chickens are. Kentucky is a slight favorite at home, and I like their chances. UK by 3.

Vanderbilt @ Mississippi State – It's certainly time for the wheels to come off at VU. When things seem to be going well, they traditionally play their worst game against the worst team on the schedule. Vandy is the only visiting team in the SEC favored to wins this week. There's a reason all of those home teams are favored. MSU 21 – Vandy 17.

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