Despite Saturday's loss to Mississippi State, some players performed in an outstanding manner. J2M and VandyMania honor Bradley Vierling, Adam Smotherman and D.J. Moore.

Mississippi State


C 60 Bradley Vierling

It is not often that an offensive lineman catches my eye. I think most people watch simply the unfolding of the play and wait to see what develops. Some people watch their favorite wide receiver and see how he gets off of bump coverage or their favorite running back to see if they can tell whether he is going to run the ball based on how he sets up. Today I was doing some of both and I kept noticing Mississippi State players flying to the ground after someone got a good block on them. What I noticed after further observation is that #60 Bradley Vierling is a monster especially on plays where he can get out and lead block. If you haven't taken the time to key in on just how good our Center and Captain is I suggest you check him out against Georgia. I know center isn't usually a position that gets a lot of attention unless a snap goes over the Quarterbacks head ( Vierling has not had a bad snap that I can remember but I can't find a stat on that) but Commodore fans can be happy knowing that whoever steps behind Bradley Vierling will be protected.


DT 59 Adam "SMO" Smotherman

This weeks's Star of the game is given to one of the toughest members of the Commodore defensive line. Adam Smotherman, a former Smyrna star, had Saturday what many are considering his best effort of the season. Smotherman got off to a big start when he sacked Mississippi state QB Tyson Lee early in the first quarter. "SMO" racked up his second sack of the day on the Bulldogs next possession this time for a five yard loss and forcing Mississippi state into a third and long situation. Smotherman has constantly been praised for fighting on despite some nagging injuries last year and it appears this year that a healthy Adam Smotherman is ready to finally show what he can do when healthy. "SMO"'s stat line for the game : four tackles, 2 sacks and a whole lot of time spent in the Bulldog backfield.


CB/WR/KR 17 D.J. "the band" Moore

D.J. "the band" Moore On a day where our offense managed just over 100 yards on the day it is a wonder that we were really ever in this game. A large part of it had to do with the defense and special teams. I think the entire nation knows who D.J. "the band" Moore is and Mississippi State no doubt had an idea of just how good a player D.J. has been thus far into the season. That is why they chose to instead kick the ball to Sean Walker and take their chances. It didn't keep us from gaining good field position. Despite Mississippi State's efforts D.J still managed eighty two all purpose yards with sixty two yards coming on three kick returns. Yes, your math is correct D.J managed to almost out gain our offense all by himself. I can't wait until next week when D.J and the rest of the best secondary in the SEC take on the Georgia Bulldogs and Mathew Stafford's passing attack. It is going to be exciting and I imagine D.J will once again be ready to fill whatever role the team needs him to fill.

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