A Little Luck for the ‘Dores

At twenty-five, you might say I got it right. I have a degree from Vanderbilt University, a degree from Saint Louis University School of Law, and a job as an attorney.

You might say I figured out the world by now, at least, what it takes to be successful. I mean successful in the sense that I can control my own destiny. The same cannot be said for many people.

Toil. Labor. Stress. Time. For some, that is the winning formula, but for others, it is not enough. They are stuck in a pre-determined pattern, where struggling leads only to timely utility payments on one hand and on the other, overdue credit card statements.

Somewhere along the way, a little luck is needed. I am not talking Powerball millions. I am not even talking about finding free money. I am talking about the random guy on the bus who happens to know someone who really needs you to come in next week to help complete a job. I am talking about lady on the airplane who knows you haven't seen your mom in forever, and who knows your mom is in the hospital, so she volunteers to take a later flight. You can get there in time.

I guess I have learned that a little bit of luck can go a very long way.

Our Vanderbilt Commodores will learn this lesson. Right now, the Commodores control their own destiny. As an idea, the team has been repressed for decades. As flesh and blood, this youthful team has been repressed for at most four years.

Amazingly, I have not come across any article yet where Vanderbilt has been written off. Perhaps it is due to the likeness of Reshard Langford, who stated "We just got to play harder." Maybe defensive tackle Adam Smotherman convinced the sports pundits by saying "But I just feel like this team is different . . . We're going to work hard as a team to overcome this."

Maybe the surprising lack of public condemnation is the luck that this team needs. 5-0 is no small task, especially in the SEC. Consider who these ‘Dores have beaten: Miami of Ohio, the University of South Carolina, Rice University, the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), and Auburn University. Those heads have never been gathered together in the same bag.

How about when center Bradley Vierling says "I think this loss is going to help our team more so than anything?"

If their mantra has not convinced you I could rehash that they are near the bottom of the offensive and defensive statistical categories in that nation.

This team, as an idea, is trying to escape the enormous black of hole of predestination. The time clock clicks with the next cycle of time stamps; the question of paying off the water bill or the gas bill burdens the mother and father of three; the Vanderbilt Commodore Football team weighs the load of history, stigma, and frustration against new found success.

But, I can tell you this: Should the ball bounce the right way this Saturday against the University of Georgia, should the referee make all of the right calls, should the wind blow ever so slightly in the correct direction, this Vanderbilt team will get the right amount of luck to tear away from the ways of old.

It is something I want to see. It is something this country needs to see. If you cannot let this team inspire you with the way the world is working right now, you cannot be feeling your heart.

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