The results last week are increasingly typical of life in the SEC. Four of five favorites lost. Two teams who were previously pathetic managed wins over ranked teams, and Florida wandered into LSU and administered a good old-fashioned butt-kicking. Not a good time to be a seer. We can but try. This week promises more of the same.

Week 8
(2-3 last week; 43-10 overall)
The Geeks Shall Inherit the Turf....

LSU @ South Carolina – LSU had plenty of weaknesses exposed against Florida. The problem is, the Gamecocks have more than enough weaknesses of their own to worry about. This will be closer than anticipated, but LSU wins by 8.

Mississippi @ Alabama – Downhill continues for the SI cover-boys. The Crimson Tide is for real, and should put a lickin' on the Rebs. ‘Bama by 18.

Arkansas @ Kentucky – Kentucky has a chance to finally win an SEC game. Ordinarily you'd think that the Pigs beating of Auburn is an indicator of better things for the Razorbacks, but EVERYBODY beats Auburn. Ky by 7.

Mississippi State @ Tennessee – The other team winless in the conference also has a chance to get off the schneid this week. The carnage would be awful in K-ville if the Big O should happen to lose, but that is unlikely. UTK by 17.

Vanderbilt @ Georgia – Watched Georgia beat up on Tennessee last week, and they looked to my untutored eye to be a cut above the other teams in the SEC East. Vandy may make a game of it if Mac Adams can get the passing game going, but UGA's 10-minute second half drive against UT made a believer out of me. Ga by 17.

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