Mike and Jay's College Picks

Well, this week Mike and Jay are trying something new – writing after a Vanderbilt loss. Wait, no, that's not what I meant, even though I have to say it's nice that we put off our first loss until our minds usually start lingering towards Memorial Magic. No, what we're actually trying this week is butchering yet another form of international verse!

This week's article well be written in limerick, a short, five-line format that ensures that the article will be over before your tired of reading it! Without further adieu, on with the picks!

Mississippi @ Alabama

JW:  Tide fans think that their team is the best.

"Lose to the Rebels?  Surely, you jest!"

Nutt and friends come around,

Hoping for an upset in T-town,

But these guys don't have "Gators" on their chest.

** Bama by 10 ** 

Arkansas @ Kentucky

MO:  The SEC's gone to the Hogs!

But the Wildcats must be sawing logs.

They've lost their last two

And this week guess who

Chases the off of the filed like dogs?

** Razorbacks by 6 ** 

Mississippi St. @ Tennessee

JW:  Last week's game still fills me with dread.

Sounds of cowbells clang in my head.

Neither team is that great,

But the edge is with State.

Maybe I'll pick UT when I'm dead.

** State by 3 ** 

LSU @ South Carolina

MO:  The Tigers got down in the dumps,

While the Gamecocks were dealing out lumps.

But it's different this week;

Carolina's outlook is bleak,

This time LSU gives the thumps.

** Tigers by 13 ** 

Ohio St. @ Michigan St.

JW:  Beanie Wells is awfully quick,

But the OSU offense seems sick.

MSU is no slouch,

(as Northwestern can vouch),

And will threaten until the last tick.

** OSU by 1 ** 

Kansas @ Oklahoma

MO:  The Jayhawks are starting to roll;

OU lost at the Cotton Bowl

But, as we all know,

The Sooners will show

That they'll go to a BCS bowl.

** Oklahoma by 24 ** 

Missouri @ Texas

JW:  There once was a team called Mizzou,

Upset last week by OSU.

McCoy welcomes Daniel to town,

For a good ol' fashioned beatdown,

And the Tigers' fans will say "boo."

** Longhorns by 14 ** 

Vanderbilt @ Georgia

MO:  It's hard to get up from a loss,

But at last! A QB that can toss!

It's Homecoming time;

Georgia should feel sublime,

But they'll lose, then they'll turn and they'll toss.

** Commodores by 8 **

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