Vanderbilt dropped their second straight game of the 2008 season after a 24-14 loss to Georgia. However, several players distinguished themselves well against the Bulldogs.



#25 WR Jamie Graham

It was bound to happen. Jamie Graham, the two sport star out of Nashville's own Whites Creek High just has too much talent not to be a dominant player. Saturday the player once called "the fly" during a ESPN televised basketball contest against Kentucky came alive against the Georgia Bulldogs in Athens while wearing a football helmet. Graham, who had played a role in getting his team to 5-0 by rushing more so than catching the ball, before falling to Mississippi State in Starksville last weekend only had caught six balls for forty yards. Not only had Graham not caught a Touchdown pass but he scored his first career TD rushing the ball against Rice. That should all change after "the Fly" went down to Georgia and caught not one but two TD passes in very acrobatic fashion. If Touchdowns come in bunches consider throwing more jump balls to Jamie Graham. Jamie came close to matching his season total yards against the Bulldogs with thirty six yards receiving (and of course he had a rush in there as well for eight yards) and the two big Touchdown passes from Mac Adams. Congratulations certainly need to go out to Jamie Graham this weeks J2M and Vandymania Star of the game.


The entire Commodore defensive unit

When going between the Hedges most teams make it their #1 goal not to get gashed by #24 Knowshon Moreno. Few succeed. Saturday was no different in that Moreno pretty much had a field day against the Vanderbilt defense. The one exception is that most teams usually give up touchdowns as well. Moreno only had one rushing TD on Saturday and the Defense while suspect against the run held the Georgia offense and Mathew Stafford to 191 passing yards and forced two interceptions (Benoist had a third if not for the cast Grrrrrrr!). Between the twenties the defensive unit became just as stout and mean as ever in the red zone. This defense is tough as nails and although they may give up the occasional big play they come together and stop opposing offenses in their tracks in the redzone. Vanderbilt had a chance to at least tie this ballgame late in the fourth quarter because of this defense (and some luck in getting Georgia to miss a field goal attempt). Vanderbilt can not be counted out of any ballgame. This week instead of singling out any individual the entire defense gets a thanks for their efforts against Georgia and the entire season thus far.


#39 P Brett Upson

Is there even an argument as to who should be rated the top punter in the SEC? Seriously. How many teams have a punter who can have this much of an effect on the roster? Upson continues his SEC tour of pure punting perfection this week against the Georgia Bulldogs. It just seems that every time we need a big kick out of Upson he delivers. If we need to try and pin a team at the one …no problem. Upson has shown he can do that as well. Saturday Upson punted seven times for a 44.6 yard average and a long of fifty two yards. Upson also delivered two punts inside the Georgia ten yard line one of which was downed at the five. On the day Georgia had zero punt returns for zero yards. Upson boomed two punts over fifty yards and had three inside the Georgia twenty yard line on another great punting exhibition put on by the Commodore punting ace. Top Stories