Calm down. Look around.

We're all sick of losing. Yes, 1982 was the last time we experienced a winner at Vanderbilt and we are all tired of being reminded of that. It's been rocky the past three games and everyone wanted to see big 'W' number 6 against Duke. As we moan and cry about how tough the 2008 season has been there's a few things we've got to keep in mind before we throw in the towel on this program.

Things could be worse.

Everyone wants that high scoring offense like Florida has. However, take a look back to the 1998 season, just 10 years ago. We beat Duke in our eighth game, 36-33, in overtime. The goalposts came down after the game and it was the highlight of a 2-9 season in which Vanderbilt stunk it up the most part. The season opened with a 42 to zilch loss at Mississippi State. There was also a 30-6 loss to Ole Miss at home. Talk about a poor offense, Vandy scored a total of 29 points in its first four games. There was no thought about a bowl game. 0-6 in an 11 game season muzzles any talk about a bowl. There was also no talk about a ranking for Vanderbilt either. The only ranking we heard about then was the ESPN's bottom 10 which we were in that year if I'm not mistaken.

Now look around college football world today. Not happy with Vanderbilt? How about rooting for the Purdue Boilermakers instead. Their fans are suffering through a season like the one we endured in 1998. The Boilermakers are 2-6 and have lost five games in a row. They started out 2-1 and then nose-dived. Their offense has scored less than 7 points in three games this season. Now take a look out west at the storied University of Washington Husky program. Washington is 0-7 and has lost by an average score of 40-16 in every game. Their head coach just announced he is resigning at the end of the season. Look at Washington State with their many trips to the Rose Bowl. They are 1-7 and being outscored by a whopping 48-13 margin this season. The pitiful Cougars have given up over 60 points in all but one of their Pac-10 match ups. Yes, it could be worse but we still want more.

Things will get better.

Vanderbilt fans are no different from other fans. We want our team to win every one of its games and losing badly hurts. However, just because previous Vanderbilt teams have laid an egg and not been able to get it done, we should not automatically assume that the 2008 "Do whatever it takes" Commodores are going to do this too. While there are certainly no weak opponents remaining on our schedule, none are unbeatable. Kentucky and Tennessee are no pushovers but look very vulnerable on offense. Wake Forest has very little running game, which is always a weakness. Vanderbilt can realistically win all three of those games but they could also lose them all. The mighty Florida Gators look like the biggest mountain to climb of our 12 opponents this season. Quarterback Tim Teebow plays like a cross genetic clone of Chris Nickson and Mackenzi Adams only with more speed and passing accuracy. Yeah, it's going to be a tough game but I think if Ole Miss could beat the Gators in Gainesville then Vandy ought to have at least a shot at beating them in Nashville.

No more booing.

Everybody enjoys being the Monday morning quarterback and we all like to think what might have been if so and so would have thrown here instead of there. Football is an exciting sport and a game of cat and mouse but sometimes the mouse eats the cat. That happened on Saturday. However, fans booing the team and insulting the players and coaches accomplishes nothing positive. It just shows that those fans have little class. All Vandy fans agonize over every loss but we should not go the route of insulting our own players and staff. Not happy with the staff? The right thing to do is wait until the season is over to voice your displeasure. Sure we can all question the moves they make; that's part of being a football fan. But we shouldn't calling for a head coach or assistant coaches job in the middle of the season. Look what that did for Auburn? Absolutely noting positive.

Vanderbilt has four more games remaining. We expect the players give 100% and never give up so we as fans should not either. Let's get behind this team and back them up every second of the remaining four games win or lose. DWIT!

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