Vanderbilt Bowl Outlook

Finally, the long wait is over. Soon it'll be time to go bowling again and this kind of bowling doesn't have pins. VandyMania takes a look at the bowls that the SEC is affiliated with and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Driving Dist.*
Capital One
Orlando, Fla.
688 miles
Big Ten v SECJanuary 1/noon CTThurs.ABC$4.25 millionNetwork TV, great location and payout, but very unlikely VU will play in this one. LSU or Georgia likely.
Tampa, Fla.
705 miles
Big Ten v SEC January 1/10 am CT Thurs. ESPN $3 million Nice payout and location. Longshot for Vandy. LSU or Georgia likely.
Atlanta, Ga.
248 miles
ACC v SEC December 31/6:30 pm CTWed. ESPN ACC $3.25 million
SEC $2.4 million
Good payout and location. Possible bowl for Vandy.
Dallas, Texas
666 miles
Big 12 v SEC January 2/TBAFri.FOX $3 million Prestigous bowl. Good payout and nice day to play. This bowl would likely be worried about how many fans VU would bring.
Memphis, Tenn.
213 miles
C-USA Champ v SEC January 2/4 pm CTFri.ESPN $1.7 million Okay payout. Easy driving distance but cold weather bowl game.
Music City
Nashville, Tenn.
0 miles
ACC v SEC December 31/2:30 pm CTWed.ESPN $1.6 million Okay payout. Very close driving distance but cold weather bowl game. SEC may not be able to fill this one.
Shreveport, La.
559 miles
SEC v Big 12 December 28/7 pm CTSun.ESPN $1.1 million Okay payout. Good day. Long driving distance but warmer bowl game. SEC may not be able to fill this one.
Birmingham, Ala.
193 miles
SEC v Big East December 29/2 pm CTMon.ESPN $300,000 Terrible payout. Easy driving distance. SEC very likely will not be able to fill this one.

* Distance from Nashville to bowl city.

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