Vanderbilt Signee Quotes

VandyMania talked with nine Vanderbilt signees about what it feels like to be finally signed with Vanderbilt. Warren Norman, Blake Southerland, Brady Brown, Zach Stacy, Mylon Brown, Wesley Johnson, Trey Wilson, Thad McHaney and Walker May all spoke with

Thad McHaney

"It's been a dream of mine to sign with them since about a year ago.  It feels so good, I worked so hard in the classroom. Just looking back on the years and how hard I've work, the people that encouraged me and helped me, it was worth every minute of it."

Trey Wilson

"It was a big decision that will affect me for the rest of my life.  I feel like I made the right decision.  It feels pretty good to one, be going there and second to get a lot of stress off my shoulders."

Wesley Johnson

"I'm excited and I'm ready to go and start working out with the team.  To just put on pads and start flying" Johnson added that he would have still signed to Vanderbilt whether or not they won a bowl game. 

Mylon Brown

"I feel relieved and anxious to get up there.  I feel excited." 
NOTE: Mylon hasn't met fellow Floridian Vanderbilt commit Justin Cabbagestalk but has communicated with him via MySpace.

Zach Stacy

"It's a big honor because not only is the program rising in athletics but it also a very good academic schools as well.  I just feel excited and proud.   I think I deserve this, I've worked really hard for it."

Brady Brown

"It's great. I've been looking forward to the moment for my whole football career.  It's something I've always wanted to do. It's going to take a lot of pressure off.  I'm just looking forward to enrolling at Vanderbilt. 

Walker May

"It's amazing. I'm excited about the opportunity." Walker finished the season with 96 tackles and 15 sacks.

Blake Southerland:
"I went up to Vanderbilt my junior year, when Georgia and Vanderbilt played in Nashville.  I was a recruit, and Coach Johnson took me aside, and they offered me.  Ever since that day, I've been in love with Vanderbilt and Nashville.  I've been back up there, and like it more and more each time.  I couldn't be happier."

Warren Norman:
"The big thing for me was finding a good academic school, and Vanderbilt is definitely one of the best academic schools in the South.  There was also the offer of early playing time, which is a big thing for me.  They play football in the best conference in the United States, so that's what pushed it over for me."

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