Baseball Interview: Joe Loftus

Vanderbilt's Joe Loftus is a freshman infielder from Savage, Minn. Sunday, playing as a designated hitter, Loftus had two hits and two RBIs as Vanderbilt pounded Vermont, 14-1. VandyMania recently spoke with this promising young Commodore player.

VandyMania: What's you're favorite thing about being at Vanderbilt?

Joe Loftus: Just being with the team, I mean, I've never been on a team that I get along with every single guy so well.  Top to bottom I think I'm really close friends with all of them, I think we're really closely connected and we can go far.  And its kind of good having such a great team and being able to be part of one the top schools in the nation too.


VM: How hard has it been making the transition from high school to college?

JL: It's a lot different from high school, you'd probably have you're two hour practice and maybe take some batting practice and you'd be done for the day. We're pretty much out here every single day, you know on the off days you want try to get as much in as you can so we're probably out there four or five hours a day on weekends. We have to go do study hall as well to keep doing well in school.  I mean as far as development, guys like Mike Miner, Caleb Cotham, and Nick Christiani we probably have one of the best pitching staffs in the nation, it's kind of different facing those guys every day.  It helps you get a lot better, and prepared for the future.


VM: What do you feel was your greatest baseball accomplishment prior to coming to Vanderbilt?

JL: Hitting twenty-five home runs in high school ball.


VM: As a batter, can you describe your batting style and what you like doing as a batter?

JL: I'd say I'm a power guy.  I think when I get a little better at seeing the pitches I can put up some good numbers and hit some home runs for our team.

VM: What major league player do you admire the most and why?

JL: Joe Mauer of the Twins, just because he's my favorite guy, I grew up watching him all the time.  He's just such a great player, I've never seen him do anything wrong; he's just a great guy and a great role model for everyone to follow.  When people cleat him at home plate he doesn't show any emotions, just plays the game, and I love that about him.

NOTE: Vanderbilt and Loftus visit Lipscomb today at 4 p.m.

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