Interview: Navery Moore

Vanderbilt freshman pitcher Navery Moore pitched three innings in the Commodore's 11-4 victory over Belmont on Wednesday night. VandyMania recently talked with this up-and-coming young player.

VandyMania: You're from Franklin right?

Navery Moore: Yes sir, Franklin Tennessee.


VM: What's your favorite thing about being at Vanderbilt?

NM: Just being on the team and being with the guys, it's probably the best team that I've ever been a part of as far as sports are concerned.  Just having all the guys around and knowing everybody is there to back you is a great thing.


VM: How hard has it been making the transition from high school to college?

NM: Academically it just takes more day-to-day studying, as far as the subjects are concerned, because you get more information each day and you just have to keep up day-to-day with information the teachers give you.

Athletically it's just mainly focusing on being more conditioned and getting your body better equipped for the people you're going to be playing against. It's just the work ethic has to be much higher as far as the hours put in on the field.  You have to be focus every day, come out every day with a purpose.


VM: Have you made a decision on a major yet?

NM: I'm going to major in Economics.


VM: What do you feel was your greatest baseball accomplishment prior to coming to Vanderbilt?

NM: Getting over the Tommy John surgery I had the last year, because that was a big concern for me as far as just getting through that and I put a lot of time and a lot of effort into my rehab and just trying to come back from the surgery well.


VM: What do you feel is your best pitch?

NM: Fastball


VM: What are some of the things you're trying to develop more in college?

NM: Mainly, fastball location and off speed pitches as far as my change up and curve ball.


VM: Are you getting a lot of information that you didn't have in high school from the coaches at Vanderbilt?

NM: Informationally, the coaches, it's so much easier for them to see things you're doing wrong and they have the easiest ways to correct it.  It's just small, slight adjustments that can create the problems that can throw your location or velocity off they can see it very easily and point those things out.


VM: What major league player do you most admire, and why?

NM: Jonathan Papelbon (Red Sox), just because of his aggressiveness and his attitude on the mound he's a [inaudible] in going after every hitter and he's a pretty dominant pitcher, which is something that I hope to be someday.

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