Nash Nance: "I Can See Myself Going There"

2010 quarterback prospect, Nash Nance, took a short ride up to Nashville on last Saturday to take in the Junior Day festivities and Vanderbilt University. Needless to say, the trip turned out to be a very fruitful one for the 6-3.5, 205 pound signal caller. spoke one-on-one with the gifted athlete to get the scoop on how it all went down in Nashville. Get it all inside.

Nash Nance Profile

SM: Nash, I heard you took a trip up to Vanderbilt University on this past weekend for Junior Day… Who accompanied you on the visit? 

NN: I went up there with my mom and my stepdad.   

SM: How long did it take you guys to get up there? 

NN: Not too long. It was only about a 2-2 ½ hour drive from my house.  

SM: Was that your first time in visiting Vanderbilt? 

NN: No sir. We've been up there before. We went up there during football season for a game. 

SM: How would you compare Saturday's trip to Vandy with your first? 

NN: Well, we only got to see the football facilities the first time we were up there for the game. But we got to see everything on this past Saturday, and everything was really nice.  

SM: Was there anything in particular that stood out to you and/or your parents while you all were touring the campus? 

NN: Yes sir. The Commons... It was one of the nicest things that I've seen at any college. Most schools usually have stuff like that for the upperclassmen, but I thought it was nice that they had something like that for the underclassmen coming in.  

SM: I heard you picked up an offer from the Commodores while you were up there. 

NN: Yes sir, I did. At the end of the day, Coach Johnson came up to me smiling with the offer letter in his hand. I was very surprised when he handed it to me. It really gave me a lot of confidence. 

SM: How is the offer from Vanderbilt going to play into effect with you recruitment? 

NN: Obviously, the academics at Vanderbilt are outstanding. Not just in the Southeast, but in the nation. On top of that, they play football in the toughest conference. So it's going to be hard to turn that down. If football doesn't work out, I know I'll have something to fall back on with an education from Vanderbilt. I can see myself going there. 

SM: Who's been primarily recruiting you from the Vanderbilt Coaching Staff? 

NN: Coach Cain. 

SM: Have the two of you been able to establish any type of relationship early on? 

NN: Yes sir. Coach Cain and I have been talking for the past couple of weeks. I've been calling him, and we've been contacting each other through email. So we've been staying in close contact with each other.  

SM: When are you looking to make your final decision?  

NN: I'm hoping to get my decision out of the way before football season starts; in the late summer. Or if not, it'll be during the play-offs. 

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