Interview: Matt Marquis

Matt Marquis is one of several freshman on the Vanderbilt baseball squad this year. The New Jersey native has seen limited action this season, picking up 2 hits and 5 walks. VandyMania recently spoke with this developing player.

VanyMania: What's your favorite thing about being at Vanderbilt?

Matt Marquis: Just being with the team, we're all like family.  When we're not in class, and not practicing we're all just hanging out and having a good time.  So it's really that, just because of the family feeling we have.


VM: How hard has it been making the transition from high school to college ball?

MM: Kind of like a role change, because in high school ball you're out there, you're well known and you're going out and doing your own thing.  Everyone here is one of the best players in the state, coming here everyone is just as good as you and you got to be able to adjust and make sure you play hard everyday and keep going at it.


VM: What do you feel was your greatest baseball accomplishment prior to coming to Vanderbilt?

MM: Getting drafted was an honor.


VM: Who drafted you?

MM: Red Sox


VM: How would you describe yourself as a batter?

MM: I'm looking for my pitch like all at bat, I'm trying to get a pitch middle-in and until I get behind in the count, I'll be looking for that pitch and only swing at that pitch. As I get farther down into the at bat, I'll expand out and look to hit any pitch.


VM: What major league player do you admire the most and why?

MM: Jack Cust of the Athletics.  I've been going to his academy, since it started, when I was like eleven years old.  And right now, just because he spent many, many years in the minors, just trying to make it in the big leagues and he finally did, he never gave up and just made it though.  Now he's having a great career so far in the big leagues.

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