Interview: Robbie Caldwell, part III

In part III of III of our interview with Coach Caldwell the offensive line coach discusses incoming freshmen linemen Mylon Brown, Justin Cabbagestalk and Wesley Johnson. He also gives his final thoughts on the potential of the 2009 Vanderbilt offensive line unit.

DY: What are your thoughts on your freshmen offensive linemen coming in?

RC: Mylon Brown, Justin Cabbagestalk and Wesley Johnson. You know Wesley is athletic enough that he could play either side, offense or defense. He's a tough guy that's been working on putting on weight. I look for big things; you'll probably seen him playing early in his career. Mylon is a big guy that is going to give us some mauling power. I think he can maul you. Justin is a physical athletic guy who can probably play center or guard that'll do some pulling and things for us. It's a pretty good group, I'm might high on that bunch. If these younger ones of mine that are here now don't watch it these boys will knock 'em out of the saddle. They're good; they are a tough group. I'm looking forward to getting them in here. Most of them will be here in July for summer school so we'll get to see them. Cabbage has got to keep his weight on. He got as high as 290 and then lost back to 270/265. That's what he's got to get used to doing, keeping his weight on but he's physical guy so he can do it.

DY: Sounds like you've got a great line developing.

RC: Well, we've got an opportunity, that's like I told them. Talk is cheap so we'll find out. I told them I'm not saying much, we've got an opportunity to be good and that's all it is. If they don't make the best of it then we won't be but if they do we've got an opportunity to be tough. We should be a lot better than we were last year. Those guys won seven games for us and we weren't very good offensively. We are going to have more bullets to shoot this year with the running backs coming in and a couple of receivers. That part is going to be fun. It'll be interesting; we've got to do our part. The quarterback has a little playing experience under his belt with Larry and, of course, Mackenzi coming back with experience. It's going to be interesting with Jared Funk and then we have Charlie Goro coming in so it's going to be interesting. Top Stories