The Dawgs Come Through

The one many Georgia prepsters covet has just come through, and things have just gotten interesting. The Georgia Bulldogs, who typically don't extend offers to in-state kids this early, have come calling...

"My Head Coach (Rocky Hidalgo) had told me to give Coach Searels (OL) a call," Kyle Woestmann said. "And they have offered me to play a 5 technique (DE)."

You have made no bones about the fact that you favor Vanderbilt. What does this offer do?

"It definitely makes things interesting," he said.

What are the Georgia coaches saying about you?

"They compared me to a young David Pollack, because they like my passion and intensity for the game," he shared. "And that's a phenomenal compliment, because he was one of the best Defensive Linemen to come through UGA."

What are they saying that you bring to the defense?

"They feel like my abilities are definitely good enough to play at a high level and to be a dominant SEC Defensive Lineman."

Any idea on a timeline for making a decision?

"In the next few weeks I plan on making a decision," he said. "But in the meantime, I'll keep weighing my options and keeping my eyes open for more opportunities."

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