Is Vandy Still In The Picture?

This 2010 prospect from out of Jacksonville, Florida, has bagged a number of scholarship offers early on, including one from Vanderbilt University. Find out inside where the 'Dores stand with the gifted cornerback prospect from out of Trinity Christian Academy.

The Evaluation Period was a very productive period for this Sunshine State product. We are talking about Trinity Christian Academy cornerback prospect, Rashad Knight. The 3-star prospect from out Jacksonville, Florida landed a number of scholarship offers during that time frame from Michigan State, Ole Miss, East Carolina, Minnesota, and Michigan just to name a few.

Prior to the Evaluation Period, the 5-10, 175 pound corner was already sporting an impressive list of scholarship offers from programs like BYU, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Purdue, and your very own, Vanderbilt Commodores.

During our last interview with Knight, the hard-hitting corner informed us that there were fives schools in particular that stood out to him early on. And those schools were Michigan, Illinois, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, and Louisville, in no particular order. However, that was approximately a month ago. And as you and I know, a lot of things can change within that amount of time. So with that in mind, how does the highly regarded prospect feel about things a month later? Is Vandy still in the picture?

"Yes sir," Knight responded. "Vanderbilt is definitely in the picture. However, there are two more schools that I am interested in as well; Wake Forest and West Virginia. I want to go and take a look at both of them.

Now that school has concluded, the gifted prospect will start making his rounds to various parts of the country to see what each of the programs aforementioned has to offer. And more than likely, one of his stops will be in Nashville. "I will probably visit Vanderbilt this summer," Knight said. "I haven't set a date just yet though. I'm still talking with my coach, trying to decide when I want to take my visits."

Knight has also been kicking around the idea of camping with a couple of in-state programs this summer during his time off from school. "I thought about camping at Florida this summer," the high-profiled athlete said. "I also thought about camping with Florida State. I talk to both of them recently, and they asked me to come."

According to recent publishing(s) on the Network, Knight is believed to have a high interest level in the University of Michigan. However though, he informed us that everyone is still in the running for his signature, and that he is in no rush to make a quick decision. He simply wants to continue gathering information on each school in order to find his niche. And whenever he does, he will move on to the next step. will continue to bring you the very latest recruiting news on this highly-talented cornerback prospect from out of the Sunshine State, so be sure to stay in tuned for much more.

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