Coach Mike Hughes discusses Chase White

Offensive lineman Chase White became Vanderbilt's third commit when he pledged to the Commodore staff earlier this week. VandyMania spoke with Plano West head coach Mike Hughes about White.

Don Yates: What did Vanderbilt like about your player, Chase White?

Mike Hughes: He's 6-6, 270. Can run, he runs a 5 flat so he's an athletic guy that can move. Some of those linemen that are that big can't move but he's an athlete. To me, some guys in high school reach their potential, he's not anywhere near his potential so his upside is tremendous. Really a class act, good person, good grades, just the kind of person you'd want on your team. I think he's going to be one of the top offensive lineman in the state next year.

DY: I read in the Dallas Morning News that Chase was 6-3, you said he was 6-6.

MH: They had it in the paper that he was 6-3, he's 6-6, probably 265, 270 right now.

DY: What interest did he have from other schools? I know I read that Houston had offered him too.

MH: A lot of people were looking at him and talking about offering. I think Houston was the only other school that did. I know a lot of people were excited when they saw him.

DY: How did Vandy get interested in him?

MH: They came and watched him in spring ball and really liked him a lot, a lot of people did but nobody really pulled the trigger and offered him, I don't know if they wanted him to go to camp or what. That was his dream to go to Vanderbilt so they offered him and he committed.

DY: Did he visit Vandy?

MH: Yes, he did. I believe he went last weekend or the weekend before.

NOTE: We'll have comments from Chase White later on Friday.

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