Interview: Chase White

Plano West offensive lineman Chase White became Vanderbilt's third commit on Sunday when he committed to the Commodore staff. talked with Chase in order to learn more about this future 'Dore lineman.

Don Yates: What is your height and weight?

Chase White: I'm about 6-5, 250. I may grow another half inch or so.

DY: What did you like about Vanderbilt?

CW: I like Nashville a lot and the coaching staff seems really cool there, people I wouldn't mind spending the next five years with. It just seems like Vanderbilt is on the up and up and I want to be a part of that.

DY: When did you visit Vanderbilt?

CW: I visited for the first time sometime in late March for their junior day. I just went up this past Sunday to commit and go to their camp.

DY: When did Vandy offer you?

CW: They offered me like three weeks or so ago. Coach Caldwell and Coach Belin had come down to Texas for scouting recruits out. They came to one of my scrimmages to watch me play and after that, a week later, they offered me.

DY: What other schools recruited you?

CW: Houston as the other school that offered me. Stanford, Texas A&M, Purdue, Oklahoma State, and Kansas State were probably the biggest.

DY: What about you do you think attracted the Vanderbilt coaches to you?

CW: They really liked my feet and I guess, I'm pretty athletic for most linemen. It would probably be my feet and my hands. I'm frequently commented on those

DY: You run a 5.0 forty?

CW: Yeah, well, I think that's what the coaches timed me at there this past Sunday. I but my coaches timed me at a 4.91 in March or February. I don't know how accurate those are.

DY: How did the coaches say you would be utilized at Vandy?

CW: They really haven't said that much. I guess I'll be redshirted the first year and then I'll play tackle like I do here.

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