VU Coaches and Hughes Share a Close Bond

Often times it is the bond between the coaching staff and a prospect that helps the college/university seal the deal on a high-profiled recruit. Well according to this Oak Grove star, he and the Vandy Coaching Staff have been hitting it off quite well early on. But the question is: will it be enough to steer him to Nashville for the next four years of his life?

Building strong relationships in the recruiting world is extremely important between a college coaching staff and a recruit. There is nothing like getting a good vibe from each other, and feeling comfortable with one another. But it simply takes work from both parties. And apparently the Vanderbilt Coaching Staff and this Oak Grove star have been putting in their time. We are referring to 3-star running back prospect, Jay Hughes.

Vanderbilt offered the 5-10, 180 pound ball carrier back in the early spring. And since then Hughes and his primary recruiter, Des Kitchings, (Running backs Coach and Co-Special Teams Coordinator) have been hitting it off quite well...

"It's real tight," Hughes said of his relationship with Coach Kitchings. "I feel like I am real close to him. I talk to Coach Kitchens almost every week. Coach Kitchens has come down twice already to check on me. That really means a lot to me. I feel like we have a real good relationship."

It appears that the Vandy Coaching Staff are off to a great start with the gifted 2010 prospect from out of the Magnolia State. But in order to land his signature on next February, they will have to battle it out with several other programs that have extended him offers. Other schools that have offered Hughes include Southern Miss, Tennessee, Mississippi State, and Duke.

Hughes informed us that he's not in position to make a final decision just yet. He simply wants to take his time with things, and see what everyone has to offer him as a student-athlete. However, he did share with us what his final decision will be based upon. "I want to go to a place where I am going to get be like family," Hughes said. "I just want to be at a place where I am going to be happy; a place where I know I'll be taken care of. As far as football is concerned, I just want to go to a place where I feel I can make an impact. I'm not all wrapped up into the fans and the hype; stuff like that."

Stay tuned with for much more on this high-profiled target from out of the Magnolia State

Note: Jay's teammate, Vince Taylor, also has an offer from Vanderbilt. And from the sound of things, the 6-1, 265 pound DT is very high on the ‘Dores. Jay also informed us that he and Vince are the best of friends, and that they talk about playing together in college all the time. It'll be interesting to see how things play out regarding these two fine prospects from out of Oak Grove.

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