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Danielsville, Georgia (Madison County HS) quarterback Jacob Owens appears to have the tools to be a possible impact college player, however, he's looking for offers. The athletic player, who has great size to go along with athletic talent, has early interest from Army, Navy, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech and Furman. Look inside for complete details.

He's 6-foot-4, 225 pounds and packs a nice 4.9 forty speed. Some schools are looking at him as a quarterback, some as an athlete and others as an H-back. Jacob Owens passed for 1,567 yards and 10 touchdowns as a junior and added 253 yards and three touchdowns rushing. However, while Owens has been turning heads at camps he has been slow to get offers because Madison County struggled during the 2008 season, finishing just 2-9. "we had a pretty tough year this year and that's one of the reasons why people are pretty skeptical. I don't really get much interest from a school but when I show up at camp they are like, 'where are you from?'"

The military is something that is a big interest to Owens. He'd like to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, who served a career in the U.S. Army's Rangers. "I've always wanted to be in the Army. I've always been interested in stuff like the Special Forces and Rangers," said Owens. Owens says he has heard from Army but it's mostly been just letters and no phone calls.

The Navy is another school that Owens is interested in. If he went there he'd work towards being a Marine. He's already applied there as a student and received a letter from the Naval Academy admissions telling him that he is a candidate for the class of 2014. His contact with the Navy coaching staff is similar to that of the Army staff, just a few letters and no calls or offers to visit.

Between Army and Navy Owens says, "If I had a choice, I'd pick Army." Owens says the reason those schools may be reluctant to recruit him is that Madison County runs a spread offense with lots of passing while Army and Navy both run oriented option offenses.

While Owens doesn't seem to be getting much attention from the coaching staffs at the two schools that could help him fulfill his goals, BCS schools Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt have taken notice along with strong interest from FCS Furman, where he recently camped.

Furman: "I just got back from Furman. They said they've only offered two people so far and they haven't even got their board set up. They brought me in their office and sat me down, coach Lamb, he said 'I don't know where we are going to put you on our board but we are definitely interested in you as an athlete.'"

Georgia Tech: "The Georgia Tech coach said I wasn't even on their board until their coach came by our school and then he was like, 'wow, he's gotten a lot bigger'. That night, it was the first day you could call recruits, he called me and said he wanted me to come to camp." The coach told Owens he wanted him to camp as a wide receiver but once Owens got there he was in for a surprise, "he wanted to see if I could play linebacker so I went with the linebackers."

Vanderbilt: The Commodore staff is recruiting Owens as an H-back, which is sort of a combination of a fullback and tight end. "They are not recruiting me as a quarterback. They signed this kid, Nash Nance. I'm going up to visit some time in mid July whenever I get back from vacation but I won't be going as a quarterback." Owens later clarified that he will be participating in Vandy's Senior Elite III, which is the final camp of the 2010 recruiting year for the SEC school.

Who will be the first to offer Jacob Owens? Stay tuned to VandyMania.com for more on Jacob Owens.

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