Will camp at Vandy

New York corner Alejandro Andrade has had some tough luck so far with camping. So far injury and illness and marred his camps. However, he's got a trip to Vanderbilt coming up and hopes to impress the Commodore staff.

Alejandro Andrade is a exciting cornerback prospect from Bardonia, New York (Albertus Magnus HS). Blessed with ideal size and good quickness, he had 56 tackles, 10 pass break ups and an interception as a junior. "I think my physical ness and my confidence as a player makes me a good player. It takes a lot to get me out of a play. I'm not the fastest kid on the field but I have a lot of heart and don't give up."

Andrade has gotten early interest from the likes of Vanderbilt, Syracuse, Toledo, Connecticut and Temple but has yet to pick up an offer.

Despite doing the camp thing he's come up empty with offers because health factors. He was sick for a camp at Syracuse but still competed, "I thought I did pretty good one-on-one with the kids I went against," said Andrade.

Then there was a recent camp at UConn where he twisted an ankle, "during the one-on-ones I hurt it but I just kept going on and on. The next day it was sore and it's been hurting all week," commented the speedy New Yorker. To make matters worse, because of the hurt ankle, Andrade had to miss camps at Temple and Rutgers.

Andrade wants three things in a school, sports, academics climate, "I want to go to a school with a good team and a good education. Where after I graduate I could get a good job and support my family. I also like hot weather."

The Vanderbilt coaches have told Andrade that they like what they see on film but want to see him in person, "They like my film but they are like questioning my competition. They want to see me in a camp."

Andrade thinks he'll be well when he attends the Commodore staff's Senior Elite III on July 19th. "I'll be ready by Vandy, I'm excited about that," added Andrade.

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