INTERVIEW: Karl Butler

Vanderbilt picked up their 12th commit recently when Louisiana prep star Karl Butler announced he would wear the Black and Gold. spoke with Butler to find out more about how he ended up with Vanderbilt.

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Don Yates: What were some of the things you liked about Vanderbilt that made you commit to them?
Karl Butler: The city was very likeable and the weather was good. The people were nice, just the atmosphere around the campus when I went there. I liked that the campus was kind of small; it was kind of a close knit type of campus so people can know you and reconize your face. Then, on the football aspect of it I had previously established a relationship with all the coaches. Vanderbilt was the only place where I had previously established a relationship with the head coach. Coach Johnson and I had been talking for a good while before I met him. All the little pieces to the puzzle just fit right. The players were nice. I talked to alot of guys in that secondary and they were just very welcoming and my parents loved the place. My recruiter was very nice, coach Belin, he was great with everything.

DY: When did Vanderbilt offer you?
KB: I think it was in March.

DY: When did you first go up to Vanderbilt?
KB: On June 18th for the cookout.

DY: When did you commit to Vanderbilt?
KB: On July 1st. I emailed coach Belin and told him I had some good news for him. He said for me to call him right away because he was pretty anxious. Then later on that night I called coach Bobby Johnson just to let him know.

DY: What did they say when you told them you committed?
KB: Coach Belin was pretty excited, he was pretty happy, you could tell and coach Johnson was also happy.

DY: Have you met Andre Hal?
KB: Yes, the night that I went up to Vanderbilt for the first time coach Johnson brought Andre and myself up to his office and Andre went into his office first and that's when he committed. So that was kind of an extra incentive, someone from Louisiana, Baton Rouge area where my family is from, Port Allen, committing. Right after I verbally committed, Andre texted me and said that coach Belin wanted him to kind of persuade me to commit. I then told him I had already committed.

DY: How did the Vanderbilt coaches say that you'd be utilized on the team?
KB: He said cornerback, nickel back or maybe possibly safety sometimes. He said he just wanted to get me on the field, anywhere in the secondary.

DY: What schools offered you?
KB: Colorado, SMU, Tulane, Tulsa, and Louisiana-Lafayette

DY: What about Virginia? Didn't they offer?
KB: No, I've been told I would get an offer but I'm still waiting on that one.

DY: What other sports do you play?
KB: I do track and field, high jump, 6' 5''. I got All-Metro as a sophomore [in track]. I got second team All-State as a junior in football.

DY: What is your forty speed? I see you have a 4.76 forty time at the Scout combine but I'm sure that wasn't your best.
KB: The fastest this year was a 4.59.

DY: Anything else Vanderbilt fans would be interested to know about you?
KB: I just recently got a 24 on the ACT and have a 3.6 GPA.

DY: You must be a pretty good student.
KB: It's all about the academics. Getting to Vanderbilt is a really big accomplishment; it's naturally respected. Brother Martin is a Brother of Sacred Heart School, a private institution in New Orleans. We are one of the better schools in New Orleans and have a reputation for great academics.

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