Vanderbilt recruiting hits new heights

There's a lot of be excited about with Vanderbilt football these days. Fresh off a bowl win and a winning season, the Commodore staff is hard at work building for the future. Already with 15 commits, Vanderbilt is off to their best start ever, recruiting wise. What are some of the reasons for this recruiting success?

Sure, Vanderbilt has recruited good players before that turned down other BCS programs to be a Commodore. However, Vanderbilt is currently off to one of their best starts ever in recruiting. The Commodores have picked up a record seven 3-star commits out of 15 players and are expected to garner at least 10-13 players for this recruiting class. Keep in mind too that the six players that are not 2-star probably have a legitimate arguments that they should also be 3-stars.

Winning season- Vanderbilt's coaches have had to battle with the stigma of not having had a winning season in X number of years. Now that X equals zero! The monkey is off their back and opposing coaches can no longer cite Vanderbilt's failure to have a winning season.

Bowl win- This goes along with the winning season. The Commodores hadn't had a bowl win since their 1955 Gator Bowl victory over Auburn. Fifty-three years is a long, long time but now the 16-14 win over Boston College is recent history.

Vanderbilt academic prestige- Vanderbilt is consistently ranked among the top 20 universities in America. Some players value a great education and Vanderbilt can provide it along with outstanding football.

Southeastern Conference- The big boys, many players dream of playing in the SEC. Most experts consider the SEC the toughest football conference in the world next to the NFL. A player from California recently told VandyMania, "Everyone knows the SEC is the toughest conference."

Coaching continuity- Vanderbilt has stuck with Bobby Johnson and his staff since 2002. Players that are now being recruited by Vanderbilt were in about the fourth grade when Johnson took over at Vandy. These players have heard Johnson's name in reference to Vanderbilt and have grown up hearing of Vanderbilt beating the likes of Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, Auburn, Kentucky and Ole Miss.

NFL success- The old belief was if you wanted to go to the NFL you needed to go to somewhere like Alabama, Notre Dame or Southern Cal. However, over the past few years the Vanderbilt program has placed a number of players in the NFL. Jay Cutler's fame at Denver and now at the Chicago Bears has helped make Vanderbilt more associated with NFL success.

Facilities upgrade- Vanderbilt has already upgraded their practice fields and has nearly completed a four-phase upgrade of Vanderbilt Stadium and other athletic facilities. This gives Commodore coaches something exciting to show prospects and it also proves that the Commodore program is committed to being competitive.

Vanderbilt Verbals

Stars, Name, Position, Schools also offered by

Chris Boyd, WR, Illinois, Indiana, Western Kentucky
Karl Butler, CB, Colorado, SMU, Tulane, Tulsa
Davis Dudchock, TE, Auburn, Florida State, Stanford
Sharrod Golightly, DB, South Carolina, Ole Miss, North Carolina State
Andre Hal, CB, Nebraska, Tulane, Miami (Ohio)
Jonathan Krause, WR, Stanford, Ole Miss, Toledo
Kenneth Ladler, S, East Carolina, Western Kentucky
Jared Morse, DT, Auburn, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tulane
Nash Nance, QB, Mississippi State, West Virginia, Central Florida
Trenton Pruitt, WR, Troy, Georgia Southern
Grant Ramsay, OT, Minnesota, Central Florida, East Carolina, Marshall
Thomas Ryan, OL/DL, Tennessee, Kentucky, Central Florida
Logan Stewart, OT, South Carolina, Air Force, East Carolina
Chase White, OL, Houston
Kyle Woestmann, DE, Clemson, Boston College, Georgia, Ole Miss, Stanford

NOTE: Golightly and Boyd had not been evaluated yet at the time of publication of this article.

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