Prep coach: Ross will rush for over 2,000

Wissahickon head coach John DeSimone expect Vanderbilt commit Myron Ross to rush for over 2,000 yards. Look inside to read this exclusive interview with Ross' head coach.

Don Yates: What makes Myron a great player?
John DeSimone: I think what makes Myron a great player is that he has tremendous athletic ability. He's nice sized. He's goes 6-feet and he's over 200 pounds and he can still run as fast as he can. It's a good combination of size and speed. Also, he has good vision. When he goes through holes he's always looking to make good cuts, that's an asset for him, his vision. His side, his speed, his vision, his balance is definitely a plus. Also, he's a hard working kid. ... He's an under the radar guy but he's going to be one of the leading rushers in Pennsylvania this year. He'll probably rush 2,000 yards this year. They got a great pick in Myron, that's for sure.

DY: What position was Vanderbilt looking at him as?
JD: As a running back, a tailback.

DY: When did he commit to Vanderbilt?
JD: About two weeks ago. He went on a visit there.

DY: Was that the big barbeque they had?
JD: Yeah, that's what it was.

DY: Wow, so he's been keeping this quiet all this time. Did he have any other offers?
JD: Temple, Richmond, Towson State. I think there's one more. Pitt, Boston College and Northwestern were just ready to offer before he committed. I think their off the table now.

DY: What do you think Myron liked about Vanderbilt
JD: First of all he was just really impressed with the coaching staff. They came up and talked to him. He said he was really impressed with them and the school. He was also impressed with the conference, a big football conference like the SEC.

DY: You know Vanderbilt has two players from Pennsylvania, Ryan Hamilton and Bradley Vierling. Both are great players. Vierling is a Captain for the second straight year and Hamilton intercepted three passes in one game to help beat Ole Miss on the road.
JD: Yes, I heard they had two great players from Pennsylvania.

DY: Coach, thanks for joining us.
JD: Thanks for having me.

Mryon Ross

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