Alan Strong talks

Cornerback Alan Strong recently announced that he was transferring from Vanderbilt. Strong talked with VandyMania about some of his reasons for departing Vanderbilt and gave his thoughts on departing the university and his teammates. He also indicated which schools he is considering transfering to.

I just want to return some kicks or something," said Alan Strong, who recently left the Vanderbilt football team. Strong was never a starter but did play on the special teams return units as a "gunner". A gunner is the player expected to make the big hit on the opponent's return man. Strong says he was one of the best gunners in gunners in the SEC and that he was only successfully blocked once all season. Strong indicated that he was upset when he was told that he would be a fifth string cornerback and would no longer be the team's gunner.

Strong also talked about his goal of making it to some kind of professional football league. Strong feels that his combine times indicate his potential to make it in professional football. The Atlanta, Georgia native also stressed that he felt playing time is very important to a player making it to a professional league. "I've been playing since I was 5-years-old. Most players want to make it to the NFL or something. Whatever league will take me I'm willing to go."

Strong is considering Tennessee State, Middle Tennessee and Buffalo as possible schools to transfer to. "I'm just trying to get into a program that will give me some playing time."

Despite leaving Vanderbilt, Strong says he cherishes his time in Nashville, "My three years at Vandy, I loved it." He continued, "I've enjoyed the education and experience against SEC competition. I love my teammates." Strong also spoke fondly of head coach Bobby Johnson.

Strong refuted rumors that he had been kicked out of school for an honor code violation saying he left by his own choice and was not forced out.

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