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The annual photo shoot for the women's basketball team took place Wednesday afternoon in Memorial Gym. VandyMania's Sharon Harper and Whitney D were on hand for photos and to catch up with the players as they continue to prepare for the start of team practices next month.

Representing a perennial Top 20 national women's basketball program means owning a certain level of responsibility and commitment. Take for instance Photo Day, the annual glitzorama when photos that will represent each player in the Vanderbilt media guide,, promos, posters, schedules and marquee are shot in little more than an hour.

With a whir of cameras, long lenses, flashes and lights, and commands to sit, stand, smile, grimace, shoot, dribble, bounce, hold still etc., it all can be a bit much. Welcome to the big time.

A joking Lauren Lueders says she's stressed. "I'm 0 for 3 for good pictures." The senior says, "I've just got one more chance to get it right."

Ashlee Bridge says she's learned her lesson, too. "I just do what they tell me."

Making the shoot in Memorial Gym on time and in pristine fashion (in uniform and looking their best), the players raced to clean up after a lifting session that as readers might imagine, left them hardly photo friendly.

"I was stressed," Jessica Mooney states emphatically. "I barely had 30 minutes to get ready." But the senior, true to form, was prepared and ready for action.

Freshman guard Gabby Smith, a bit frazzled by the short amount of time to prepare her perm-like tresses, admitted to a certain amount of stress as well. "We had about 45 minutes, and this," she says pointing to her beautiful locks, "this takes time."

Jence Rhodes was enjoying the drama and the fun. The video shoot was particularly pleasing this time. "We didn't have to make mean faces. I'm not very good at that. I'm a smiler."

Freshman center Stephanie Holzer relished the moment. "It's really exciting. I've done photo shoots before, but just getting the whole team together for this is fun. We're a team now, we're bonding and doing things as a team."

Stephanie is very nearly complete with her rehab from a fractured ankle suffered in the spring. "It's doing very well. I'm on the way to recovery and I'm almost there. Our strength coordinator and trainer have got me in great shape and getting better."

Stephanie participates in every pickup game and conditioning drills that the rest of the team is doing. "The rest will come, getting my balance back and back into the game flow. My teammates are really helping me out. They're constantly aware. Everyone's been real supportive and really great."

As Photo Day draws to an end, the group shot complete after some laughter and horsing around, the players nod with satisfaction after reviewing their digital images. They head out for evening classes or on to dinner and study.

Head shots for the Media Guide

Freshman Tiffany Clarke

Redshirt sophomore transfer Angela Puleo

Freshman Gabby Smith and sophomore Jordan Coleman

Tiffany Clarke

Senior Merideth Marsh and junior Hannah Tuomi

Freshman Stephanie Holzer and Hannah Tuomi

Video clips for the jumbotron

Class photos: Seniors


Seniors: Ashlee Bridge, Lauren Lueders, Jessica Mooney, and Merideth Marsh

Sophomores: Jordan Coleman and Angela Puleo

Photographer John Russell, Jordan Coleman and Angela Puleo

(Click photo to view a larger image.)

Back row: Merideth Marsh, Lauren Lueders, Gabby Smith, Ashlee Bridge, Elan Brown, Jence Rhoads, Jessica Mooney, Angela Puleo

Front row: Tiffany Clarke, Stephanie Holzer, Hannah Tuomi, Rebecca Silinski, Jordan Coleman

(Click photo to view a larger image.)/

Freshman: Gabby Smith, Tiffany Clarke, Stephanie Holzer, and Elan Brown

Juniors: Jence Rhoads, Rebecca Silinski, and Hannah Tuomi

Seniors: Merideth Marsh, Ashlee Bridge, Lauren Lueders, and Jessica Mooney

(Click photo to view a larger image.)

(Click photo to view a larger image.)

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