As expected, not much was learned about the SEC teams last week. Everybody but Georgia won, and that loss wasn't entirely unexpected (except by me). We've got a few interesting games this week, but surprisingly, Alabama and Florida are still playing cupcakes. Maybe they expected more suspensions.


LAST WEEK (10-2)-----OVERALL (10-2)

Florida International @ Alabama – No comment…..Alabama by 45

Troy @ Florida – No comment – Florida by 45.

Mississippi State @ Auburn – Two new SEC coaches square off this week. Somebody will get his first win. It won't be 3-2 like last year. Auburn 6, MSU 3

South Carolina @ Georgia – This should be a real defensive struggle. (Or, really, a lack of offense struggle.) For gamblers, the over/under is 37.5 and I for sure like the under. Georgia 13 – Gamecocks 7.

UCLA @ UTK – Tennessee is thirsting for revenge, and appears to have the tools to get it, though last week's destruction of an undermanned Western Kentucky team didn't show much. UTK 33 – UCLA 17

Vanderbilt @ LSU – VU is only a 12-point underdog in this game. The VU offense was potent against Western Carolina, but really, it was a case of men against boys. The kicking game is awful, and I don't really expect a 100-year rushing game against LSU. The passing game didn't look all that good against Western Carolina, but of course it didn't have to. I only hope that punting from our opponents 35-yard line was an act of mercy by Bobby Johnson, and not a harbinger of another deeply (and boringly) conservative offensive philosophy. Well, there's always the quarterback draw, guaranteed to be good for 3 yards on 3rd and 8. LSU 27 – VU 10.

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