"Well, shut my mouth!" - Lane Kiffin after meeting with UTK's president. Third week of the season, and the SEC is still playing compass points and hyphens. It's no wonder the SEC has such a good record against the rest of the football world. Missed one last week, but it's the one I love to miss.


LAST WEEK (5-1)-----OVERALL (15-3)

Louisville @ Kentucky – No way to tell about this game. Both opened with cupcakes. UK looked better, and after all, it's the SEC. UK 24 – UL 14.

North Texas @ Alabama – No comment – Alabama by 45.

UTK @ Florida – The league's best quarterback vs. the league's worst quarterback. Not difficult to pick this one. Gators 42 – Rocky Top 17.

Louisiana-Lafayette @ LSU – LSU 45 – Hyphen #1 10.

Florida-Atlantic @ South Carolina – Gamecocks 35– Hyphen #2 7.

Southeastern Louisiana @ Mississippi – Another directional school. Mississippi is padding the schedule so far, but wait ‘till next week. Rebs by 24.

Georgia @ Arkansas – Second best game of the week here. Georgia, at least, has a real game under its belt. Georgia 24 – Arkansas 21.

West Virginia @ Auburn – Another good game to watch, if you're not going to the VU game. Both teams think they are great, having beaten nobodies so far. Auburn is ready for the upset. WVU 22 – Auburn 19.

Mississippi State @ Vanderbilt – As has been noted elsewhere, this is probably one of the most important games of the season for the Commodores, not only because it is the next one, but because a loss would be devastating to seasonal hopes. Bobby Johnson is searching franticly for some pine tar for the receivers, while the running game is better than expected. Please, please, please, no more season-ending injuries. VU 30 – MSU 17.

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