HEADLINE…."VU defense sues offense for non-support".

LAST WEEK (7-2)-----OVERALL (22-5)

Arkansas @ Alabama – I can't wait for the top teams in the SEC west to start playing each other. This is not one of those games. Tide 38 – Pigs 14.

Ball State @ Auburn – I'm so tired of these crappy games…Auburn by 48.

Florida @ Kentucky – The only thing that can derail the Gator express is the swine flu. Good thing they're not playing the Razorbacks this week. UF should be able to muster enough healthy players to handle the Wildcats. UF by 17.

Arizona State @ Georgia – For the time being Georgia sits atop the SEC east. After this game, things will really get interesting for Doggies. With LSU and UTK looming on the horizon, UGA needs to take care of business. Anywhere but between the hedges, I'd predict an upset. UGA 27 – ASU 23.

LSU @ Mississippi State – LSU will pummel the Bulldogs by actually passing the ball early, and then running it when MSU adjusts out of the 8-man line. LSU by 17

Mississippi @ South Carolina – A good game to watch this Thursday. The first true test of the Reb's lofty aspirations this year. The chickens' defense will slow down the Snead juggernaut, but not enough. Mississippi 17 – SC 14.

Ohio @ UTK – The Vols get a much deserved virtual bye week after a flawlessly executed game plan against Florida last week. By not really trying to win, the Big Orange kept the Gators at bay and for most of the game and recovered some of the reputation they lost with UCLA. Look for them to run up the score if they can. UTK 52 – Ohio 13.

Vanderbilt @ Rice – I know it's hard to believe, but last week's debacle against Mississippi State was a vast improvement over last year's game in Starkville. The Commodores had almost 50 percent more total yardage this year. They beat Rice last year, and should do so this year. Commodore fans better enjoy this one, ‘cause it may be the last win of the year. (Rice gave us one of the Tennessean's most memorable headlines many years ago. "Vols boil Rice 52-0") VU 24 – Owls 15

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