"Early to bed, early to rise, And your girl goes out with other guys" What a crappy week of matchups in the SEC. Five of the eight games are against teams who have very little chance of winning (and I'm not even counting the Vandy game as one of the five). I've never seen so many breathers this late in the season. Spend Saturday outside. The Fall leaves are gorgeous this year.


LAST WEEK (6-1)-----OVERALL (53-13)

South Carolina @ Arkansas – This is just about the only game worth watching. The Gamecocks will be searching for redemption against the Pigs. It really depends on which Garcia shows up. Chickens 35 – Pigs 31

Eastern Kentucky @ Kentucky – The walking wounded at UK should be able to handle their Eastern Kentucky cousins, but it will be a lot closer for a while than most expect. Mildcats 31 – EKU 14

Tennessee Tech @ Georgia – Seeking redemption against a weaker opponent. Wait ‘till the play GEORGIA Tech. Bulldogs 42 – TTU 7

LSU @ Alabama – The Tide needs to win big to maintain their ranking, same as Florida. If they fall too far, they won't have a chance to jump to one of the top 2 spots in the event they beat Florida. Crimson 35 – Tigers 14

Memphis @UTK – Maximum yawner. UTK 35 – Memphis 10

Furman @ Auburn – Another Yawner. Auburn 45 – Furman 6

Northern Arizona @ Mississippi -- "POP" – the sound of delusions of grandeur disappearing from the minds of the Ole Miss faithful, as Ole Miss falls from the rankings . After pasting Northien Arizona I'm sure the cries of "We're number 1" will return to The Grove. Mississippi 45 – Northern ‘Zona 10

Vanderbilt @ Florida – This is not a good time for VU to be playing Florida. The Gators saw Alabama lose a spot in the polls without even playing, and know that they really need to sock it to VU in order to maintain position. Unfortunately, they have the ability to do it. VU's defense is good enough to keep the score, if not respectable, at least not laughable. Gators 42 – VU 3

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