Gowder Discusses Commitment In-depth

Approximately 3 months ago, Blake Gowder, made up in his mind that if the Commodores were to offer him a full ride, he'd commit on the spot. Well, the opportunity presented itself on this past Sunday night, and 6-2, 203 pound athlete gladly accepted the invitation. Inside you will find out more regarding Blake's recent commitment to the ‘Dores, courtesy of your friends here at VandyMania.com.

SM: How does it feel to have your decision out of the way?

BG: It feels great to have the recruiting behind me. I can now enjoy the rest of my senior year.

SM: When did you actually make your decision?

BG: I made the decision at least 3 months ago that if Vandy offered I would commit.

SM: When did the feeling first strike you, that Vanderbilt was the place where you wanted to spend the next 4-5 years of your life?

BG: Probably this past August when I was camping at Vandy. It was my third camp at Vandy.

SM: What was the coaching staff's reaction when you first told them the news?

BG: When Coach Johnson offered, I committed instantly. Coach Johnson seemed surprised that I committed so quickly, but I felt that he was excited that I did.

SM: What other program(s) did you consider before making your final decision?

BG: I considered all the schools that offered me. I probably considered Furman and Air Force the most though. Furman was the first to offer me and I really like their Coaches.

SM: How many offers do you have in all?

BG: I currently have 8 offers. I have 4 FBS and 4 FCS offers.

SM: How or when did things first get started between you and Vandy?

BG: I got an invite from Coach Belin to attend their senior elite camp the summer before my junior year. I attended that camp and also attended two camps this past summer. I really started this past summer getting to know Coach Cain.

SM: Which coach has been primarily recruiting you from the Coaching staff?

BG: Coach Cain is my recruiting Coach.

SM: Talk a little bit about the relationship between you and Coach Cain?

BG: I feel I have a great relationship with Coach Cain. He and I have talked many times on the phone. I like the way he is straightforward and honest. I'm not a big talker, so I like it when people just get to the point and tell you what they are thinking like Coach Cain does. I am just beginning to get to know Coach Johnson and Coach Belin. They both seem to be much like Coach Cain in their straightforwardness and honesty. I can tell you that I was more impressed with the Vandy coaching staff than any other staff that I meet over the past year. I visited at least 10 other schools.

SM: What position is Vandy recruiting you to play?

BG: Coach Johnson told me that he liked me on both sides of the ball. He said we would just wait and see where I fit best when I got there.

SM: What are your thoughts about competing in the SEC?

BG: It is a dream come true. I have wanted to play in the SEC since I was probably 10 years old!

SM: What can Vanderbilt fans expect from you as an athlete on the field?

BG: They can expect me to lay it all out on the line. I will go 110% every play. I feel that I am fast for my size and I feel that I am as aggressive as anybody.

SM: What do you plan to study?

BG: I'm not sure what I want to study. I hope to make a decision soon.

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