Report Card: Vanderbilt vs. Tennessee

The game is over now: Tennessee 31, Vanderbilt 16.'s armchair quarterback analyzes every element of the Commodores' performance and assigns a grade to each area.




Mackenzi Adams performed well and it was good to see him on the field for his final game in Commodore uniform. Mac completed 19-of-35 passes for 174 yards and a touchdown. His only blemish was that ugly pick he threw with less than a minute remaining. Adams finished his career with 2,779 yards, 16 touchdowns and 18 interceptions. Brandon Barden caught 5 passes while John Cole got four. It's nice to know that we'll have these two around for a couple more years.
Warren Norman and Zac Stacy combined for 109 yards rushing. Both had some solid runs that kept UT from taking complete control of the game. The offensive line played well too and had some good blocks to spring these two for nice gains. Hopefully the staff can fine tune the offense in the off-season to help get the ball into Stacy and Norman's hands more.
Not too bad considering Myron Lewis was out along with Ryan Hamilton who's been out for a while now. UT did most of their damage in the first half but the Commodores regrouped at half time and came out and made life hard for Crompton. Youngsters Eddie Foster and Trey Wilson played well. Experience wise, Casey Hayward and Sean Richardson aren't far ahead of Wilson and Foster. The future is bright for the Commodore secondary. Jamie Graham had a nice pick and return in the second half.
Montario Hardesty ran at will when he carried the ball. Chris Marve led the 'Dores with 11 tackles and Graham added 10.
How about Ryan Fowler finishing strong? He kicked three field goals against the Vols from 27, 31 and 32 yards. Automatic Ryan made 8 consecutive field goals to finish the season and finished with 16 made field goals in 21 attempts. Incredibly Vandy opponents made 17-of-17 field goal attempts this season. Brett Upson finished up his career with a 39.5 yard average at UT. His longest went for 47 yards. Upson finished the season with a 43 yard average.
Considering the high number of injuries VU has suffered this season it's commendable that the staff was able to go into Knoxville and have a shot in the fourth quarter at winning the game. This is a tribute to the hard work the coaches put in throughout the year scouting and recruiting players that have the talent to compete in the SEC. Just need to find some wide receivers and there are some good ones headed to Nashville for next season. CBJ's decision to go for it on fourth down late in the first half turned out sour but I agreed with the call at the time. Sometimes you have to roll the dice. They still need to get the offense fixed for next season but as mentioned earlier some talent at the receiver position will certainly help.
A not too ugly finish to a miserable season. Not many expected Vandy to put up a fight but they battled back and had a chance to win in the fourth quarter. The Commodores will once again be at home for the bowl season while most of the rest of the SEC gets almost an additional month to practice and get better. Now the team, coaches and fans need to just put this nightmare, injury laden season behind them and focus on getting better for the 2010 season. Bad seasons like this one happen sometimes but the good news is that while the Commodores lose a ton of veterans they have some young talent coming back and numerous heralded recruits headed to Nashville. With all the new faces on the team the 2010 season will certainly be an interesting one. Top Stories